Coding for Headlines.

Last Update: Apr 11, 2021

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I was having trouble the other day getting H2 and H3 titles to display in both upper and lower case.

Specifically the headlines I wanted was of a company name which is a mix of capital and lower case letters.

After checking my typography settings and other styling settings I still could not resolve the issue from within the theme or other settings in the dashboard.

I am not sure if it has much to do with the themes we use, I am thinking it does. If you are not getting your H1, H2 or H3, 4,5,6. headlines to display as you would like then, here is some code I found that may help.

.post-single-content h1, .post-single-content h2, .post-single-content h3, .post-single-content h4, .post-single-content h5, .post-single-content h6 {    text-transform: none;

To install, just copy the code above, then go to your dashboard, click on Appearence>>Theme Options>> Styling>>Custom CCS. Paste the code into the CCS box and click save.

Hope this is of some use.


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Some very interesting stuff here, Michael! I will be the first one to say that I know very little about coding, my friend!


Are you creating your site using html/css?

If so, copy the code and paste on a doc. Then add using color, size or style elements with the appropriate tags.

Check your work at

If you are using WordPress, you can customize your headings individually, or globally.

This customization includes heading size, color and style (uppercase, capitalize, etc).

Hope that helps.


PS> here is link for heading transform code:

Thanks for that link Rudy.
Another toy to play with...:-)


Hahaha...yep, w3 is an excellent source for your coding needs...



Thanks Michael, but I havent encountered any problems.

No worries Geoffrey,
Rudy added a link too. You may find useful to add to your tool box.


Hi Michael
I'm about to talk about something I know little about because I haven't actually experienced the effect.

I have been told that if I use Custom CSS with my theme to make sure I keep a text copy of the code used as a backup. This is because apparently if the theme is updated, or changed, the Custom CSS may need to be added to the newly updated or changed theme.

Please, if anyone who sees this can confirm or deny this need, please do so... that would be helpful to be certain.

Hi Richard,
Yes it is always good practice to keep a back up... just in case.
In my post the code I have added has been added to the styling box, and it does change the way the headline titles appear.

I had not really noticed this on other pages of my site so I was thinking something may have happened at some time during a theme update or something.

Whatever happened, I didn't like the way the content headlines on my last blog post appeared, so the only option I found that worked was some custom code.

But yes, certainly keep a back up of your themes code. Although wordpress is supposed to save all your settings after each new change ie new blog post or colour change in your header or after a theme update etc.

Saving a copy before you add CCS is a good practice.

Enjoy the new week Richard and thanks for dropping in.


Thank you forvthat feedback Michael.

Really interesting to know Michael
Thank you for sharing

Thanks Simone,
Rudy has put up a good link as well.

Awesome :)

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