Quanta the new Empower Network?

Last Update: January 29, 2014

A new program has just been launched, Quanta. I signed up in the pre-enrolment phase to see what it was all about. So far it hasn't cost me anything and they won't be seeing a penny out of me.

Quanta was set up to be the new name in personal growth. They will have training packages available to help boost your career and income - there is nothing that I can find that actually explains what this is. Just a lot of hyped up videos with well worn clichés.

There are 4 levels available, with 2 released at time of launching. The first is $25 per month, every month. The second $149. If you wish to make money by getting people to sign up under you, then you must pay a monthly affiliate fee of $24.95

Who knows what the other two programs will cost. All fees are non refundable and automatically recurring.

Once you have signed up, you agree that all information you create while part of the program remains their property if you leave and they can kick you out at any time,without notice and everything you have done today, remains their property. This is buried under loads of conditions.

To stop payment, I am yet to discover exactly how you do this. You let them know, but so far they have not given clear instructions on how to do that.

If you buy a 'product' from them, you have 3 days to cancel and do this by contacting their customer Service. At no point do they tell you how you actually do this. There is no customer service email listed as far as I can see. They have one called team support, but the team is what the affiliates become a part of.

Founders are Jim Britt and Jim Lutes apparently they each had their own materials which they have now combined to form Quanta.

Over all I find it too much like what I understand EN to be like. Those with more experience with EN will be better placed to tell me if this is true. To find out more about them - or not as the case may be, go to teamquanta.com

Warning: If you do check them out, please do not be taken in by their flashy design or claim to have thousands talking about them. This was actually an intensive marketing strategy that was all over facebook.

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softwind Premium
Thanks for the heads up! It's like swimming with the Sharks out there! Thank goodness we are in the safe harbor of WA!
sherp Premium
they almost got me, until I found WA, thank God
merryman88 Premium
Well Done Michelle, I've been watching these BS's since the first sent out their Original Hooks about 4 months ago I havent really bothered to do any investigating Because I wasnt impressed with the first two or three messages No Substance no facts just hype and Personal Bs Build ups you Know the usual content of a potential scam , But you are probably right its the same or Similar sort of thing as EN

Keep Watching the more people we can prevent from falling into these clever traps the better.

Ray Bowley ( Merryman88 )
Michelle12 Premium
mamazepp Premium
Thanks for the warning.... Too many of these kind out there. Awesome job!!! You rock it!!!
Michelle12 Premium
I signed up with them a while ago before the launch. I've been quite suspicious because apart from saying 'this will help you improve your personal growth' yada yada, they would not say anything about how it was supposed to work. They still don't.

Thanks for letting me know about the link :)
mamazepp Premium
I know, when I looked at the site, they are "entrepreneurs" -- Big whoop! That is all they really say. No real claims to fame. Good job snooping them out and I do believe they are fakes!!! When you look them up (jimbritt.com and jimluteslive.com), they are JUST life coaches and claiming the ultimate gift to humanity! You could write all day about that!!! :)