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February 07, 2014
Google set up a business google+ page for me then proceeded to mark it as spam and removed it. Google has also removed my site from google analytics. I'm beginning to question why. I have no broken any of googles rules, so I can only be left to conclude someone reported my site. Why? I have no idea. But to say I'm not happy would be the understatement of the century. Just fed up.
I know trying to find the right niche can be super hard, I'm still refining mine. If you are like me and want your website to be about more than just making money (and no, there's nothing wrong with making money!), then this short youtube clip might help. Adam Leipzig gave a short TEDx presentation on finding your life purpose in 5 minutes. I'm finding it really helpful in getting clarity about what I want to do. Adam Leipzig, finding your purpose in 5 minutes
The FTC in America now requires all affiliate marketers to carry a disclaimer on their website - this is in addition to the privacy policy. You can read more here In the mean time, you can get a plugin which will write the page for you. "Affiliate disclosure statement" is fairly easy to use, you just fill in the name of your website (not the domain name) and all the affiliate pr
A new program has just been launched, Quanta. I signed up in the pre-enrolment phase to see what it was all about. So far it hasn't cost me anything and they won't be seeing a penny out of me. Quanta was set up to be the new name in personal growth. They will have training packages available to help boost your career and income - there is nothing that I can find that actually explains what this is. Just a lot of hyped up videos with well worn clichés. There are 4 levels available, with
January 28, 2014
Just had an article published at SA that I'm kinda proud of :)
Has this been your experience? Wordpress was originally set up to be a blogging platform only. As it grew, they added resources so you can turn it into a website if you want. They didn't really change the original set up though, so when you first go into your wordpress site, the default home page (called front page) is set to be the blog. It is going to act like a blog and will tell you it can't find any of your posts. Now, when you think you haven't actually made a post yet, that seems prett
January 27, 2014
There seems to have been some confusion of tagging posts lately, I hope to clear this up with my post here. TAGS Some people think you are supposed to put member's names in here, others say it should be keywords. Which is right and what are tags really for? In social media like facebook or twitter, you include other member's names so they will be notified to read the piece you are posting. Lots of information gets included on their wall so they might miss the post you specifically want them t
January 22, 2014
Wow. I added an email sign up to my website and 10 people signed up! That of course means I have to write one now. *gulp* I had no idea what I was going to write about, but then wrote this post on my website and decided to use that as my bouncing off place. And now I have a whole first newsletter written up and cued to be posted out tomorrow morning my time. So proud of myself for learning something new and can't wait to see what people think of what I wrote :)
January 20, 2014
I just pasted the jaazy free search tool into one of my websites and noticed it displays live search results as you watch it. It is totally fascinating watching what people are searching for.
January 16, 2014
I was going to wait a little longer, I wanted to put more onto my site than is currently there but so many people were curious, I decided to give you the link now. I found I was answering a lot of basic questions on here for people really new to websites and marketing. Nothing wrong with people being new :) We were all new once. But I was really enjoying helping people, so I decided to put a website together just for that purpose. Most of it is going to see really basic, but the target marke