Do you have an Affiliate Disclaimer?

Last Update: February 03, 2014

The FTC in America now requires all affiliate marketers to carry a disclaimer on their website - this is in addition to the privacy policy. You can read more here

In the mean time, you can get a plugin which will write the page for you.

"Affiliate disclosure statement" is fairly easy to use, you just fill in the name of your website (not the domain name) and all the affiliate programs you belong to. Then it will generate a code which you simply paste to the page you want the disclosure to be on.

To answer some questions a few people have asked

What is the plugin called?

Affiliate disclosure statement

Where do I find it?

Go to your website admin. On the menu on the left, look for Plugins and in the sub menu, click on Add New. Copy and paste the plugin name here then search.

Save and activate.

How do I fill in the details?

Once you have activated it. Go back to the main menu and look for Settings. When you put the mouse over this a sub menu will appear. Click on AffiliateDisclosure

A new page will open. List your website name - not domain name - in the top small window. In the second list all the affiliate programs you use. It's small but will scroll sideways.


How do I get it on the page?

Just above the save button you will see

To use the affiliate disclosure statement add the shortcode [affiliate-disclosure-statement] to any page.

Copy the part I have put in bold. Go to the page you have set up for the Affiliate discloser to appear on and add it in the edit section. Make sure it is in text first and not visual mode. Just paste it here then save. It may take a few minutes to show up.

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1907venus Premium
I had no idea. Now to figure out if I can make it work.
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Interesting I had no idea. Can you let us know what plugin to use. Thanks, Rich
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I did, it's called Affiliate disclosure statement :)
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Thanks for the share1
Karyskis Premium
I didn't know about this...hmmm. Thank you for sharing.
mrsljc0909 Premium
Thanks for the information. I'll look into this.