Is Your Website User Friendly?

Last Update: Dec 8, 2014


Sometimes we get so busy writing content and worrying about making that sale, we forget to look at the entire picture. I'll admit, I've been on the wrong side of this coin. I have totally redone my site, so it is more professional and user friendly. Here are a few things that I've learned to keep in mind:

*Less is actually more! Leave some white space and make it easier on your visitors eyes Not every single area needs an ad.

* Check your links often, make it a priority. If you have broken links that your visitors click on, they will easily click right on out of your website.

* Have a search bar. Make it easy for your traffic to find the information they are looking for.

*Use simple, easy to understand, navigation. If your sites navigation is unclear and complicated, you lose your visitor. People on the web are generally not patient!

* Make sure your contact information is easy to find so that you prove you are a real person that is available to be reached.

* Slow loading sites are not user friendly. You may need to make your images smaller or possibly install a plugin to speed things up. Again, visitor's patience is not in your favor.

Having a user friendly website will positively influence your ranking! :)

Recent Comments


These are really great tips and great reminders! Thank you Michelle!

Good advice. When I select my web template from WP, I watch for download speed and make sure it is tailored to be friendly with mobile devices. Those pesky links do need constant supervision. Your comment about the white space is spot on.

Thanks for sharing that advice with us.

You're very welcome and I appreciate your comment. :)

Thanks Michelle.

Very helpful Michelle. Thank you.

Amen to that. If I have to look all over for what I'm looking for, I exit.

Great list of all site builders!

Very good info., Thanks.

Excellent post Michelle, we learn so much here at WA.
You are an inspiration to many members here, thank you.

All learning from each other. :)

Bravo on your points. I will be printing this our and make sure I keep them points in mind. Keep up the good work

Thanks, it surely is something to keep in the back of your head! :)

Awesome points, Michelle. Addressing these issues will really make a huge difference in the experience quality for users. It is good to put together a checklist and make sure we are covering our bases. This could dramatically lower your bounce rate. :)))

Thank you Abigail. :)

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