7 Free Social Sites; that you can post on.

Last Update: March 24, 2020

This is 7 Free Social Sites that you can post on. If you know them all; well; I am trying to help. The first is Facebook; if you have more than one account? You might try both Accounts. If you have job groups that post on your page? You need to join them first. But, you can put WA Links in Comments; but eventually Facebook will say something about "Community Standards" When that happens; change to another WA Link.

From what I know; Links are in Banners and Links and Tracking here on WA. The next site is Twitter. For Twitter; I think this is right? You need an Image on your Desktop; and then you just upload it to Twitter; with your Link.

The next is Linkedin. With Linkedin; you may want to put Hashtags; to get more Attention. And I will say here; you can also put your Articles on these sites.

The next is YouTube; I don't use it myself; but I have heard it is good to get clicks. And you can use Pinterest too. Pinterest is free if you know how to do it. The next two sites may be troublesome.

For Skyrock; you can try Skyrock if you want to? But, for putting up links; you have to click on the link symbol I think; and they only put a Sentence which shows an external link; although they have tags; with which you can ask People to click on the link; I think?

Finally is Futurenet; you can put a Link on there; and upload an Image. Although I am finding it hard to get Contacts on there. So, these 7 Sites are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Pinterest, Skyrock, and Futurenet. Hope this helps?

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michaelw777 Premium
I'm just going to say here; after I experimented with Skyrock; they deactivated my Account. And on Futurenet; I am finding it hard to connect to other People on Futurenet. I did not know this at first; I might try Skyrock again; and every once in a while check with Futurenet. I am just warning Members in advance. Sorry if you had problems with them too? I did not know when I tried them at first. From what I can see though; the rest of the sites are pretty good. Although; you have to be careful with Facebook. If you use comments on Facebook and not post to groups; they may stop your ability to comment; just saying.
Mick18 Premium
Thanks for sharing, I'll check it out.
Have a great weekend,
MelWaller Premium Plus
Thanks for sharing!

To Your Success!

AmazeCPS Premium Plus
Yes, I also not been herd about the last two of Skyrock or Futurenet. I think, use of social media is more support to ranks the sites. Thanks your list of social media will important for us.
michaelw777 Premium
You're Welcome. Hope this helps?
Linda103 Premium
Not heard of either Skyrock or Futurenet, will check them out.
Tumblr is a good one to post to.
The plug ins cover quite a few sites, you just have to set it up to connect your social media accounts. It isn't automatic though, you still have to post to each site by clicking on the individual links.
There is training on social media.