Site Comments vs Site Feedback - The Battle Continues

Last Update: Jul 16, 2016


I know there are thousands of posts on this topic, but there are also lots of newbies joining every week - and so the battle continues.

What is the difference between Site Comments and Site Feedback and which goes where?

Site Comments OR Site Feedback

For me the easiest way to remember the difference is this;

Site Comments - these are public comments going on someone's business website. You need to PRETEND to be a real customer and respond to their content ONLY.

You can talk about;

  • your experience of the product they are reviewing
  • share your experience of the topic they are writing about
  • ask a question on the topic or product
  • support a point they are making with further examples or experiences of your own
  • disagree with a point if you have a valid reason for doing so
  • give other examples if appropriate (but don't try and sell another product)

If you talk about anything else the comment in all likelihood will be declined, because it can't be published.

Site Feedback - this is private, only seen by the designer of the site and you can say whatever you want and talk about;

  • design,
  • colours,
  • layout and presentation
  • site navigation
  • font size
  • as well as anything about content if they ask for it.

Site Comments and Site Feedback are two completely different sections of WA and (note to Kyle & Carson - I honestly think that they need re-naming and separating out further because they simply cause too much confusion).

Why am I mentioning it again, because it continues to cause confusion and it is shame if someone has gone to the effort to write something and it is rejected for being in the wrong section.

So hopefully this helps and maybe all new referrals can be linked to this or a similar post to explain the differences right at the beginning.

*image - "Business Competition" by jesadaphorn,

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Recent Comments


I am glad you placed this post for all to see. There are differences

There are differences but explaining them is also quite difficult.

The battle really continues


Just submitted my first feedback and as a relative newbie, this is very helpful. Thanks for the quick and easy explanation of the differences.

Hi Susan thanks, hope it continues to be of help to others.

I was confused in the beginning on these. It took me a little digging around to see the difference. The names were similar but different so I knew there was a difference but it was not clear.

Hi Cynthia I think you're right the names are too confusing and the differences aren't clear enough. The fact that this keeps needing to be explained just highlights that problem.

Really, this thing has to be reiterated! I'm so annoyed by people giving feedback for my website when I am requesting a comment. I just had to waste my time giving reasons for disapproving and wait for another comment to come.

Many thanks for pointing this out. I hope more people can benefit from this!

Good job!

Thanks Jerry I agree, and in your other comment I think that is a big problem - in English the two terms are very similar so it easy to see how the confusion starts.

It does need to be reiterated time and again. Thanks for sharing :)

Thanks Jude, I know people who've been here a while must get sick of reading about it!

Nice to hear and I believe in telling everything exactly as you feel when writing as it does no good to sugar coat anything

True in terms of feedback - but site comments is different and I don't think people are really understanding how and why comments should be used.

Yes I agree it seems it is a never ending story -
I say site feedback is internal but site comments are the real deal and arte posted on the persons website

Great pst Thanks, dear.

Thanks, I know there are plenty of other posts on this topic but that just means we are not explaining the differences very clearly - or maybe the structure is not helping?

also people forget so it is a good reminder.

True, thanks :)

I don't see the confusion... one comments on the site, it can be about anything, feedback... one comments, and can be about anything.... comments and feedback are basically the same thing.... different names, but basically the same thing....

And that is the problem they are actually completely different - but the names are basically the same which causes the confusion.

I see what you are are saying, but they are completely different.

Think about it this way: why would an organic visitor leave detailed feedback about the site's appearance and say nothing about the actual content?

Multiply this by 100s of the similar comments by different users and your site looks spammy

Hey, I think you got confused. In English point of view, "comment" and "feedback" can be very similar. But in WA, these two are totally different things. The main point you must remember is that comment is public and feedback is private. This is the biggest difference. Please don't give people feedback about the site when they are requesting comment! Please!

I have stopped using Site Comments because ploughing through 10 'comments' to find a suitable one that I can approve and respond to is exhausting.

Like you said, this is simply down to the user not knowing the difference - I made the same mistake for quite some time when I first joined.

Yes I think they are too similar it isn't easy to separate them out - I think

a 'website design support' section should replace site feedback

site comments made into 'exchange website comments tool'

the similarity in name doesn't help and the names don't explain the function properly either.

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