Why Do Scammers Succeed In Conversions?

Last Update: Jun 28, 2019

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People already know the existence of a scam and why we should prevent it. Through internet awareness, we already are aware we shouldn't say yes to their offer. Yet, there are still many people getting victimized by these schemes.


To understand why you're getting victimized, we must understand first what are these scammer tactics do to lure us into investing something that doesn't exist.


Scammers understand people nowadays want to see optimal results in 24 hours. Are you guilty of that? I do.

We want to see our blogs rise up to the heavens with generated leads and traffic. You know this isn't true at all. However, we still fall to their traps.

For example:

"Learn how to earn $10,000 within a few hours. All you have to do is to sign up and follow this strategy."

This sounds familiar to you, doesn't it?


People with ill intentions know that people act impulsively when they're in fear. When this happens, you couldn't help but open your wallet, PayPal, or whatever means to pay something because you fear you won't get something you want.

For example:

"Your site will stay boring without conversions if you won't do this strategy."

That line invokes fear. From there, the scammers add, "With a few ticks and this funnel, you guarantee 100,000 monthly visitors in a few hours."

Again, we want fast results and we act out of fear.


Scammers don't embrace mundane. They often use striking tactics, banner designs, etc. They always make a presence. They never fail on that. If they did, there should be no reason for reviewing a bunch of stuff, right?

Which is why we have to be extra careful with what we're dealing, especially on sharing personal information with these people.

On the brighter side, when we think of scammers, we often think the negative. Contrary to most beliefs, learning from scams can be an unusual method to do. Again, fear.

If you think about it, we could do learn from these people. In fact, Bryan Harris of Video Fruit introduced a specialized technique to increase sales employing a simple formula. P-A-S.





People want to seek solutions for the problem. So they search online. As a blogger, you are aware that the users visiting your site have problems. They want solutions.

To strike a presence, be someone they could look up to. Show them your vulnerability and your knowledge you offer. This is the very reason I got in the Top 200 less than a month on Wealthy Affiliate.

I offered my knowledge to people and shared what I know about this and that concern. Most of the time, I receive requests for feedback regarding the content and website.


This is what scammers do expertly. They understand people only act fast when they're agitated. Because if they won't do something on it, they lose it.

As a site owner, you already know what you want. More conversions. More traffic. More leads. To do that, aside from knowing the profile of your users, you have to know how to provoke that fear.

It's not about scamming people, it's about pushing them to act to achieve something. For instance, you are a fitness coach. You have your website ready, leaving the conversions as the next goal.

As a fitness blog, you enforce people to exercise to flaunt the new body and live a healthy lifestyle. Does that count as a scam? No. You have a legit takeaway for your audience.


Now, you have your user profile, an understanding of your audience or market, particularly what fears them. At this junction, you're going to provide solutions.

What do you have for them? Why are they going to listen to you? What would your site provide that benefits them? These questions go on to infinity.

The point is you have a legitimate solution to their issues. Whatever it is, your income in business lies in how you provide solutions to people's problems. They pay for solutions.


Do my suggestions encourage you to scam people? No. What I wanted you to do is to learn the bad things in life and transform them into something ethical and applicable to people's daily lives.

In business, understanding every angle of the scam is a must to thrive. Our minds should be flexible enough to learn from adversities. We might be a victim of a scam. But that doesn't mean we get defeated by it all the time.

The point of doing business is to provide solutions. Scammers understand it completely. The difference is that they're up for money alone, not the solutions.

Thus, provide something legitimate for your market and apply PAS on your business.

If you want to be updated with my thought-provoking posts, follow my profile. Further, if you want my help, you can send me a private message. Let's talk.

You see the links on my profile, too. You can reach me out there. I prefer action-oriented methodology in teaching, not mere BS talks. :)

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Great blog. Your writing is always enjoyable to read.

Brian McCown

Great topic and solutions as usual my friend. Thank you for sharing...you rock!
Warm regards,

Yes, Billy. Yeah, you may be a military veteran in real life and I'm not. But there's one thing in common for the 2 of us. We do possess the spirit of a warrior. :)

Indeed! And I am proud to know you! Hugs

Thanks for sharing this great post Mecyll.


It's my pleasure. :)

Great post! Thanks for sharing.

They write great sales copy focused on emotional triggers.

I read Dr. Robert Cialdini's book "Influence: Science and Practice" several years ago. He explains the ways in which we are persuaded to say yes.

It is the book I wish I read before buying a new truck.

Wow, great recommendation. I will check that out. Thanks for sharing your thought, Glen. :)

Thank you for the information & action required to avoid scammers.
If it seems to good to be true - then it is.


Yes, Denis. We can avoid them. Only if we aren't impulsive towards offers for the sake of preventing or eliminating fears we feel in every section of our lives, including our businesses. :)

Totally agree.
Also the closing of the offer in xxx hours - do not miss this special.


Yeah, it actually activated people's fear to lose that something even if they don't actually need it. :) Business owners like us should take advantage of the lessons.

Great Post!
you have great values for your online business'
and yes too many scams are ruining a lot of the truly genuine entrepreneurs, but people are getting smarter on the internet,
and we here also learning on how to build a relationship of trust and ...... I like the Idea to turn bad ways into ethical ...


Yes, we can turn something bad like scams into something to learn upon. It may not be a pleasant experience for many of us here; yet, we got something many couldn't grasp, a 100% understanding of trust from our clients and our market towards our business. :)

Hi, and Just to add I want to tell that one of the worst and money making scam that I watched the video this Morning of the scams that are made true the online dating sites!

from very wide and spread organized crime!
yes! last year the scammers that take advance of widowed or divorced and lonely people amounted in the Millions of dollars Frode! just from scammers from West Africa "Ghana" one of the central.

Have a good Sunday

Why do scammers come from those places? Have you observed that?

yes! also check this site were they expose scam and check the numbers 6 video that's where they will show the dating scam ...hope you enjoy it https://www.scamadviser.com/blog/1519/scam-videos-from-around-youtube


Wow, thank you so much for the information. I will be making use of this because of my upcoming course about content marketing. :)

Glad that we are networking and I can help!


Yes, Pedro. Si! :)

Si Signorina!:o)

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