How I Increased My Traffic To 77% Within 28 Days

Last Update: Jun 9, 2019

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Before I want to call it a day, I wanted to share with you quickly how I managed to increase my traffic to 77% within 28 days (that's approximately 8% increase in 8 days).

If you were to ask me did I do anything or did I use any other platform? I would tell it straight. I didn't use any platform except following my writing principle: Write high-quality content.


I joined the Wealthy Affiliate with an ambition to get sober with my responsibility of earning an income. As a married woman, I had this feeling of adding another income stream aside from my full-time work and my husband's.

Because of that, I turned my attention to increasing the traffic of my website, by writing high-quality content with consistency. Why? The higher the traffic my site generates, the higher the chances I convert users to buyers.

I observed it for a while. I wrote and wrote, pouring every blood, sweat, and tears to my posts. I wrote more than 2,000 words reaching 5,000. I didn't care as long as I create the best content I could make. For days.

Then, I achieved something.

As you see below, not only the traffic increased, but also the sessions increased, I have lesser bounce rates, and the session duration went higher.

What do you mean by these figures?


The time your reader lands on your page and reads your content. Perhaps, explore your page. Generally, it's the entire time your reader spends time on your website.

Bounce Rates

The time when your reader sticks to your content and leaves without even exploring what you offer or clicking to the next post you've written. He simply reads your content and scrolls down and got nothing from you. He leaves.

Session Duration

As the name suggests, it's the time your reader or user spends time on your page. If you manage to keep him more than a minute on your page, that's a good sign.

But that doesn't mean you stick with the 1-minute rule. Go higher. Write the best content to make him stay longer on your website.


It's not only the traffic that matters. You have to consider the other factors to learn how your target market experience your hub, your website.

Did he enjoy reading your content?

Did he find your content engaging? Or not at all?

Your sessions should go higher. Increase in traffic. Bolster it with the right keywords! Learn to maximize Jaaxy.

Your session duration should go higher. Make your reader stay longer. Write an epic content he couldn't ignore. Feed his curiosity.

Your bounce rates should be lower or equal to 60%. Never allow your reader to leave because of your crappy content or bad website layout.

Do you get what I mean?



I hope this quick information I share with you today helps you in understanding more of the figures Google Analytics try to tell you. Remember, it's not about the traffic. There's more than that. We make sure that we create good website traffic.

To do that as seamlessly as possible, start creating the BEST, THE EPIC, THE KILLER CONTENT you can possibly make. It does take time. But it's worth the while.

I didn't use magic nor shortcuts to achieve this. It's a matter of dedication, tenacity, and desperation to succeed.

If you don't know how to write one, you can refer to my previous posts. Not being a pro writer is never an excuse.

Just because you aren't from an English-speaking country and you aren't confident with your writing means you can excuse yourself from this duty. No. Never.


If you love what I'm writing here, don't forget to add me to your network to make sure you're updated with the latest blog posts and other updates. If you have concerns, simply send me a message, and I'll be delighted to answer them. Thank you so much.

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Recent Comments


Hey, Mecyll, great post. Thank you for sharing. As our training instructs, write good quality content so that you get good users experience. SEO is for SE bots, your content is for the user. To get users to stay on your page longer, I would suggest making a video. People watch videos. It is time-consuming which will drop your bounce rate way down. Keep up the great writing because you reap what you sow.

Yes, images, videos, infographics. These are the basics in making people stay longer on the page. Thanks for the suggestions! I really appreciate it. :)

This is a totally Boss message you shared thank. You have provoked me to become better!

That's great! You have to be better than you were. If not, the BEST. Be the best version of yourself. It would be difficult but it'd be worth your while. Now you're here on WA as Premium, that's already a great start. But that doesn't end there. Go beyond! Soar high!

Well done! Thank you for sharing this helpful information.
Continued success to you.

Sure, you're always welcome, Christine. I'm glad that my post becomes your resource. I'll continue doing so. :)

Great Job. How long did you have to write quality content for to get that increase? I am writing 2000+ words every day and still no clicks. My blogs are just not ranking well, even though I am following all of the training, hitting low hanging fruit key words. But still I am average 108 google! Getting impressions, but no clicks.

Hi, Sara. There are factors as to why it happened. The first thing is you have to learn how to create attractive headlines + convincing snippets. You can see my post on my website in which I went through details how to make this possible. :)

Disclaimer: The link is not a promotion.

In the post, I went to step-by-step process (exactly I did over the past months). Hmm... how long did it take? Since I joined WA, it has gone 7% up within 7 days and it has become steady when I learned Kyle's techniques.

I started the blog last year November and I started writing epic content around December or so. But it wasn't attracting traffic yet until this year. Organic traffic takes a lot of time but steady in the long run.

Thank you for your advice!. I have written a 4000 word researched post today. so I hope if I continue with this kind of content I will eventually start getting traffic. I guess my next move is working on getting rate on the first page of google. I'll keep writing and researching and practicing. Thanks again for your post!

Awesome, job! I agree writing quality content it is the key to getting quality traffic. Your website is coming along really well.

I'm working on the same project right now. I'm trying to write higher quality content, increase traffic, increase session time, and decrease my bounce rate. So, this article has helped me in the right direction.

Thank you, for sharing! To your continued success.

Yes, there's no other sure way except writing high-quality content. This is what Google wants from us. Not just a bunch of crap!

Keep going with your project. I'm really looking forward to your success. Let's keep in touch and see how it goes. :)

Great work, and I love your website!

Best regards,

Hey, Arthur! Have you checked on my website? Great. Thank you. :) I'm glad you love it. My months of labor (My Hard Day's Night) paid off!

Great Job, keep up the excellent work

Thank you so much. :)

We'll done! Keep it up

Thank you so much, Nadia. It really means a lot to me. :)

Great job, Keep pushing the content out and it will be a matter of time before the money starts trickling in

Yes, it does. Organic traffic takes a lot of time compared to relying on to social media for traffic but for me, it's the most steady one.

Fantastic blog post, thanks for sharing
Congratulations and all the best to you :)

Thank you so much for that wonderful comment, Pamela! :)

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