Struggle To Awaken, Surrender To Become!

Last Update: Oct 10, 2015


The most amazing thing is that as much as you may want to awaken, as much as you might love to feel that energy, that peace within yourself, and the wonder of that place, you will still forget. This thought alone should be as intense as a UFO hovering right over your house, then landing in your backyard and having aliens walk out! Think about how strange this would be! It would be completely shocking!

It is no different when we fall asleep in our pursuit to Awaken.

There is something that you may have experienced, that profoundly changed you, or you feel a strong urge to experience, then vanishes. It evaporates, as if you give a quick snap of your fingers and poof, any desire you have to Awaken is suddenly erased. That alone should make you want to meditate more. That should make you want to Awaken more.

One moment you feel compelled to seek out knowledge, like the kind in these blogs and then suddenly the desire vanishes. That desire is a force of energy.

You are struggling to reach a state of mind. You are at war with the tonal of the planet. You are at war with with the Darkside. None of it wants you to get ahead.

It is a struggle.

In the beginning, there is the struggle. Life is a struggle when you are born, and its painful. Only upon death do you finally surrender to real life. There is a struggle that you go through to Awaken. After you struggle you begin to enter awareness. Awareness then is a struggle because it is a flood of knowledge. Then eventually you start sorting it all out and you come to terms with things. It is at that moment that you dedicate yourself.

Then you enter into Enlightenment.

Enlightenment is another struggle. It is a struggle of questioning reality. It is the very extreme realness of it that makes you question it so strongly. You question if it is real anf if it is "IT". As you enter Enlightenment, I give you this advice.


What you do with it is the next problem. That is your next battle. I will tell you now, do not try to conquer the struggle directly because you will loose. Let the struggle run around you, never tackle it, never grasp it, let it be.

I often relate the struggle to awaken as being like a matador fighting a bull. It is twice your size,sheer muscle, with sharp horns that can easily gore you. When it lowers it head and charges you, how will fight it? Will you attempt to grab it by the horns and wrestle it to the ground? Will you try to use brute force against brute force? Or will you take your cape and just when it strikes, step aside and move away, dancing around its every attempt to bring you down?

If you have ever watched a bull fight, you know that the matador always dances around the bull, never directly engaging it. The bull exerts all of its energy trying to spear you with its horns and yet you surrender, stepping aside at the last moment.

Such is your way to Awakening. This is what I mean when I say that you should not try to tackle the struggle directly. The more that you push yourself to understand something that you are not ready for, the less likely you are to achieve understanding! You must surrender, let go and be fluidic.

You can not force this door to open. It does not work like that.

Typical structured thinking will not gain you entrance to this place. If you want the winds to rise for you, learn to be fluidic. If you want to heal the sick, learn to be fluidic. If you want to see dimensions, open up gateways and doing all of these things, willfully, you must be fluidic. If you demand these things from yourself, or the Universe (God), you will never have them. They are too heavy. Learn to be fluidic and the power you can tap is limitless. That is the next direction.

Recent Comments


Yes I do get into that kind of fluid state of mind Marian and it does disappear I will have to learn to be fluid for much longer because it definitely brings me better results in what I am doing at the time.

Hi Gary, I always love when you share. You are an old soul that is here to raise the vibration of the planet.
Your Friend,

I am a sharing person Marian even in my day Business that I run I always give a lot more than I take it just makes sense that if I can help why not. Your UK Buddy Gary

Very good Marion...I am starting to understand this more. I like the way you explain this, and it makes since to me. I liked Katie 's explanation.
Take care Marion and have a nice weekend.

Thanks Linda, You are so right about Katie's analogy. She was dead on. I am happy and very humbled to help everyone contemplate these concepts. I appreciate you input and I wish you a great week.
Your Friend,

Wonderful post, I think of a gentle flowing river when we allow it own its own journey it will blend and move along in harmony, when we work against it we make little progress and it is hard work. I guess it is a bit like coding be holistic in your changes and you will be at one with the application.. have a lovely evening

I love hearing from you because I always learn from your comments. Your description was beautifully expressed.
Your Friend,

Thank you Marian have a good week

Dear MFreire. What lately I found is surprisingly simple. Deeper in the forest more trees around. So, I stoped. Now: I take one tree and use it for solution of 1 task. Relax and next....tree is strait in the line...


Well said Wojek, Are you polish? My husband is Polish. Thanks for sharing.
Your Friend,

Some other place I commented on Monday morning state of wake up. Yes I was born and spend half of my life there. My really good language is a polish. Published in Warsaw book "Loty Falowe" - 1976.
I have a tendency to look and check how Poland is doing and this is my biggest obstacle in concentration effort.

Well said!

Thanks, Have a great week!
Your Friend,

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