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October 23, 2015
I am sorry for not blogging every day, like I said I would. I was hospitalized for 3 days to have rare test performed. I am back, now, so let's get started!There can be many reasons that a person would wish to open up their 3rd Eye. Whether it might be for more spiritual reasons, curiosity or any other reason, there are ways to achieve this endeavor. Remember to keep in mind what you are getting into and the opening up of this "New World". Providing yourself with access to the link to other di
October 20, 2015
There are many things in the world that people fear, often times, these fears are rational such as heights, snakes, or enclosed spaces. Sometimes, these fears are irrational in the form of balloons and clowns. So, is the 3rd Eye a rational fear? Everything in the world, depending on the people, can be instilled with fear. No matter how genuinely scary something is or how simple it is, it always depends on the person and whether or not they choose to fear something or to face the facts and face
October 15, 2015
Knowing what the 3rd Eye is could be the first step in quenching the thirst for knowledge and understanding. If you want to open or awaken your sixth sense (3rd Eye), then everything you learn in these blogs will help you get there. What Is The 3rd EYE (6th Sense?) The 3rd Eye is a mystical and esoteric concept that refers to the invisible eye that gives a person insight and perception beyond ordinary sight. It has been described as a catch that takes one to a world of higher consciousness comm
October 11, 2015
The world you to awaken!It needs you to remember. On every level you could look at it, there is greatness in undertaking the task of awakening. It will transform your life and those whose lives you touch. Your awakening will will affect the tonal (energy) of the planet and enhance the feeling and vibration of the whole. How can you forget the feeling of that purpose?We have discussed how everything is energy and energy works works in vibrations. The collect pool of experiences and the conscious
The most amazing thing is that as much as you may want to awaken, as much as you might love to feel that energy, that peace within yourself, and the wonder of that place, you will still forget. This thought alone should be as intense as a UFO hovering right over your house, then landing in your backyard and having aliens walk out! Think about how strange this would be! It would be completely shocking!It is no different when we fall asleep in our pursuit to Awaken.There is something that you may
October 09, 2015
Meditation helps us remain at a higher awareness but we must exercise and reflect on the things we know. One of the greatest things to keep in mind is that we exist in the likeness of God. Everything of biological structure goes smaller, smaller and smaller. By understanding this, we see that the Body of God is the universe, stars and planets. We see that the Earth is a living organism, which we call Gaia, with all its micro life. We have a micro-universe of organisms living inside of us.God is
October 08, 2015
Everything you have read in these blogs is a Mandala, whether you fully understand it now or not. The knowledge will grow and expand inside of you, if you allow it to. You see the knowledge in these blogs is electricity. It is living fire.By discussing these things, it is as if I have given you a TV or a satellite dish. Now, it is up to you to sit down, turn on the TV and set the programming to collect data and receive information. That is what you have gained by absorbing these basic concepts.
Meditation offers you reflection. It creates and refines your soul. As you gather energy, you give strength to your energy body. We are evolving now, beyond our ancestors. We are thinking more than they thought. We are creating more than they created. we are more than they were. The average education and maturity of a fifth grader could be comparable to the maturity of someone twice their age a thousand years ago. We are living in a much higher evolutionary state.The human body is creating and
October 06, 2015
When I mentioned the space shuttle, it may lead many people to wonder about meditation technology. Tools that promise awakening or spiritual improvement, light and sound machine, or anything that stimulates the physical processes that occur during meditation can be worthwhile in the beginning.When someone meditates, it is common for their two brain hemispheres, the left and right, to synchronize. They also begin to relax and enter slower brainwaves states such as those normally entered when we
First I would like to thank everyone for sending such kind words and prayers. I truly missed all of you. Now, I am out of the hospital and beginning my blog again will help me heal faster. I am so thankful to have such wonderful friends here at WA. your friend, alwaysMarianPracticing meditation and activating the sixth sense enhances our connection to Everything. You become aware that the energy of the Universe is within all things. There is a difference between understanding this principle and