Various FAQs - The most complete Q&A Guide to WA! (Eventually :-P)

Last Update: August 02, 2018


There are TONS of questions being asked everyday on the live chat.

There are TONS of blogs that pop up when you search for them in the search bar. Some are GREAT answers, some are other people asking the same question.

I'll try here to gradually make this blog the MOST COMPLETE Q & A guide to WA! :-)

NOTE : This is a growing work of art :-P Come back often to see the updates

How to quickly find our answers here

The following table will have numbers to the questions and their answers. To avoid having to search for more than 1 question about the same subject, I'll put answers about the same subject in the same category... For example "About WA affiliate links"

- Press CTRL-F to search for the keywords of your question, one at a time
- Find the number to the question, or directly the Q&A :-)

Suggestions to improve this? questions not mentioned? Post a comment! They ALL will be taken under consideration ;-)

Table of contents

  1. About WA affiliate links
  2. About the WA Premium subscription
  3. About pictures - Images - Photos
  4. About the site content editor
  5. About your hosting and domain name

1 - About WA affiliate links

  1. Where do I find my WA affiliate links?
    - Click on the circle that has a dollar sign in it, then on Links and banners

  2. How do I use my affiliate links?
    - Right click on the one you chose and copy the link address, then paste it where you want it to appear.

2 - About the WA Premium subscription

  1. How much is Premium?
    - Depending on your country, there are 3 possibilities to begin with :
    - A - Free with a promotional Premium period
    - B - $19.00 USD for the first month, Then - C -
    - C - $49.00 USD or Go Yearly Premium & Save $220 per year at only $359.00 USD per year. That's less than $1.00 USD per day!!!! To access the yearly option, you need to pay your first month. THEN you'll see the yearly option.

    NOTE : For now, not ALL countries are accepted, unfortunately due to high fraud volume in their area. The team is looking to find a technology that will permit to bypass fraud attempts without having to ban certain countries' IP's :-)

    I'll keep you informed on that! :-)

  2. What payment methods can I use to pay for the upgrade to premium?
    - The most commonly used is by credit/debit card. Just like any other place, NOT all cards are accepted. It depends on what payment treatment system they use.
    - You don't have a card? You can use PayPal
    - And if those 2 options are unavailable to you right now, you might have a close friend that has a card or a PayPal account, to whom you can pay the amount to him/her to do the payment.

  3. How do I cancel my account?
    - If you're on the free promo, there's nothing to cancel, we don't have your billing infos, therefore will NEVER be able to get some money from you unless you provide your billing infos.
    - You are tight financially? Maybe this blog from my friend OnMyOwnTerms can help you see clear :
    - If you already have paid at least one month, promotional or not, or year, you might want to go to : Cancel Wealthy Affiliate Membership and Stop Billing to make sure you are completely certain of what you want to do. Then by going to, you can cancel it all there.

3 - About pictures - Images - Photos

  1. Where do I get pictures?
    One of the most asked questions in the live chat is "Where do I get pictures?"
    The BEST 3 ways to get good quality pictures without fearing of getting a legal pursuit are:

    - A - YOUR OWN. Nobody can argue about where they're from. It would take a miracle that you take a COMPLETELY identical picture to one that someone else has already taken. (Unless obviously you did it on purpose)
    - B - The site content section here on WA. You don't have to use the editor to be able to use its pictures.
    - - Just open the editor by clicking the above link
    - - Click on the blue icon with the mountain and search or whatever kind of picture you're looking for :-)
    - - Click on "chose", it appears in the picture editor, permitting you to crop it as you wish
    - - Click "Save and Insert" to see it appear in the editor
    - - Right click on it to "Save image" to your hard drive.
    - - Make sure you note where you save it, to be able to find it quickly when you need it. You might want to create a "Free of rights pictures" folder, so to NOT mix them up with other pictures in your computer.
    - C - Sites that offer CC0 Licenced pictures. These pictures are under the Creative Commons Zero agreement that you waive most of or any of your rights (as the creator of the image). Therefore, it's for anybody's use without charge :-)

    NOTE: Some people argue that unfortunately, pictures WITH rights are being put as CC0 licensed pictures by other people than the original owner. Which causes that EVEN with a CC0 licensed picture you would NOT be free of potential lawsuits :-(

4 - About the site content editor

  1. Something is blocking me from publishing
    A - Did you fill in all the required fields?
    - - Title, Body, minimum 2 tags, maximum 5
    B - It sometimes happens that there's some sort of time out on the content editor...
    - - copy/paste your content to notepad or any other plain text editor in your computer
    - - refresh the editor page
    - - paste back into editor

    should work ;-)

    1a. I tried that, and it still didn't work!
    - - it happens less often, but sometimes you need to log back into WA... did you try that?

    -- When both of the options don't work. The problem could be that your cache browser is full. Depending on the browser you are using there are different ways you can empty it. Do a search on Google "how to empty my (your browser name) cache", you will find many helpful tutorials to help you do so.

    NOTE : Be careful when emptying your cache not to delete certain things you might want to keep. Passwords, cookies, your browsing history (if you want to keep it).

5 - About your hosting and domain name

  1. How do I get my domain name to show my WA content?

    When you create your new site, have our new domain name ready to associate it IN the creation of the site. I use that procedure. I don't have to contact support to have it moved.

    - If you bought your domain name from elsewhere than WA :
    A - You need to change your name servers to
    -- and If you need help with that, you should contact your registrar support on how to do it.
    B - You need to contact support and ask the to MOVE your siterubix site to your domain name
    -- Example : Please move to
    NOTES : Propagation (in other words, the process of your name servers to direct properly to the right place) can take up to 48 hours to work

    - If you bought your domain name from WA, you might want to check out the MOVE button in the website manager. If that doesn't work either, you just need to do part B

  2. How do I TRANSFER my domain name? In other words change registrar from anywhere else TO WA.
    - First of all, if you don't already know, there is a security lock on ALL registrars that keep you from being able to transfer your domain name elsewhere within the 1st 60 days. There are other situations where a lock happens for 60 days, but this is the most common one.
    - As of the 61st day or later, this is how to proceed :

    With the registrar you are transferring FROM :
    A - You need to unlock your domain
    B - Cancel Protected registration if it's activated

    With the registrar you are transferring TO :
    - Get an authorization code (EPP Code)
    - Initiate the transfer

    In your email :
    - Accept or deny the transfer: You will receive an email to confirm that you DO want the transfer to take place
    - Receive confirmation: You will receive a confirmation when the transfer is complete.

    NOTES : Often, the new registrar will ask for a renewal for one more year. The whole process can take up to 10 days. ALSO, if you have to deal with someone else in the process, there may be additional delays, for example, for the person to see and respond to the confirmation email
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