11 New/Different Ways To Make Money With Your Blog!

Last Update: November 18, 2013

Quite often, I like to go searching around the net. Just to see what I can see. You can get some pretty good ideas out there. Granted, most of it is what Not to do and should be avoided at All Cost.

Searching the web, can give you a fresh or a new perspective on things. What people are talking about, what's in and what's out.

So, I found this the other day and thought I would include the link to this article. Disclaimer - I have No Affiliation with the blogger and don't have a clue who he is.

We do see a lot of questions in Chat about different ways to make an income with "this". Curious myself, I did a quick search and this one looked pretty interesting to me. So, thought I would share these ideas here.

I just thought he had some good and different ways to make a reputable living with our sites and blogs.

Just a few here and you will find the Links for these on this site.

1. Membership Programs

2. Information Products that You Own

3. Services: Consulting and Coaching

4. Speaking Jobs

5. Product Sales

6. Affiliate Programs

7, Direct Ad Sales

8. Banner Advertising

9. Paid Posts

10. Job Boards

11. Build It And Sell It

Again, please let me make this clear. I have No, Zero, Zilch, Nada Affiliation with this person or his site.

Here is the Link: 11 Blog Monitization Strategies

Happy Days!

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JanWest Premium
I do not understand how you make money out of job boards at all?
Is it like a company paying a recruiter a finders fee?
JanWest Premium
Okay. Simple enough. Pay to advertise the job posting basically. Thanks.
Rick Jantz Premium
Hi Meredith. This looks really good. I've been checking out the site and he seems to be very reputable and is right down my niche alley. Thank you very much.
Great! I learned about a couple of new ways myself. Thank you for reading.
kws123 Premium
Like the image, interesting blog also.
Isn't that a beautiful picture? A friend sent that to me. I know it has nothing to do with the blog, I just wanted to use it! Thank you for your comments, appreciate it.
lanesamarie Premium
I like the horse:) and pretty interesting blog...but I agree with Julie about other factors to consider in taking that path and committing to anything...
Exactly! That's what this blog was for, What will suit some will not suit others. Different strokes for different folks. The money is all the same.
scottyb2good Premium
I like the list of monetizing ideas. I will save them for future reference to use with my website, The link doesn't work though.
Oh, that is Not good. Thanks for telling me, I will check them and re do. Appreciate it!
Fixed It. Thanks Scotty, appreciate the heads up!
mama2karsten Premium
Thank you for sharing what you found... There are many ways to make money on and off the internet... one must find which one fits with their lifestyle, the available time they have to commit to learning, available time to create content and build while working full time... there are many factors that one must consider in deciding which path to take.
What a great explanation Julie. You filled in a lot of blank spots that I should have put in my blog. Thank you!
Shmizer Premium
Cool, thanks Meredith!
Thought it might be worth a look for some. There are other ways to make an income besides just affiliate marketing. Thanks for reading it!
Shmizer Premium
Yeah definitely, its easy to get set on just affiliate marking sometimes. Thanks for writing it!