Impressive Accomplishment Badge Earned!

Last Update: February 16, 2019

Yahoo! Finally my website has been indexed with Google, unexpected at all. While writing my second article, I received this notification said that my website has been ranked in Google.

Suprisingly, it makes me feel and stay motivated, which means i don't lose my effort, for writing just one article.

But I will not celebrate until I earn some money from my website. Well, I'm currently working on it, as my next target is to post one article a day as a stepping stone, see how it goes.

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DeniseAS Premium
Well done, great job and you are off to a wonderful start, keep it up.
Congratulations! Writing one article per day is an awesome goal. Keep moving forward.

Best regards
Twack Premium
Excellent start. Awesome goals. Keep following the training and success will come.
Ahimbe Premium
Congratulations. Posting an article a day is an excellent goal. Keep it up.
BorisRoman Premium
Nice one! Keep it up!