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I had completed in one month progression so far, most of them is about content creating which is part that i mostly dislike honestly.As Kyle mentioned that do what you hate and yes i hate to do it, but it force me to do it cause of training purposes, I applied everything i learned from level 2.Thus, I have no choice to acheive my goal instead of whinning myself and say "I can't do it" it turn off my brain to do it, but due to this training drags me up from my bed or lying my head on desk.I know
First of allThanks to Wealthy Affiliate that I have regained back my confidence towards WordPress, for creating more content, even though just a small amount of posts.Previously I don't have much idea to create sort of content, but now I gave myself a chance to trust WA for certain period, I'm just a month here.My progressions with WASo far I have completed my level 2My niche is about my passion in BMX when I was young.So far no financial gain, I just joined EPN recentlyMy plans for 3 months as
Yahoo! Finally my website has been indexed with Google, unexpected at all. While writing my second article, I received this notification said that my website has been ranked in Google.Suprisingly, it makes me feel and stay motivated, which means i don't lose my effort, for writing just one article.But I will not celebrate until I earn some money from my website. Well, I'm currently working on it, as my next target is to post one article a day as a stepping stone, see how it goes.
It takes me about two hours and the half to figure it out on how to write such a goal with 1000 words, 6 paragraphs, 5 headings by using a keywords rich content page template, this useful template help me to figure out headings followed by paragraph.
I don't know what to expect in Level 2 course, as I have completed level 1 I felt swiftly happening within one month and I had finish this course early.As my goal was just to invest my time in WA just for one hour a day and that's all not more than that, but due to interest in learning of the keywords, creating niche and stuff, it makes me felt more interest in it.
Just for training purposes, I haven't got much ideas to keep it up, but what I have experience is to marketing some wellness and food supplements products that i know.Trying to keep this website as simple as possible, slowly moving on to the next level based on my training and see how it goes.
Have just completed my second lesson, it feels awesome and I've got motivated with the video.In lesson two, I've got some rough idea from Kyle mentioned in the video about Niche, which website to look through and the links that derive from us as affiliate links towards visitor to click through, from there then we can earn. But when can i start to earn? :)
I was thinking about health and supplements, which give us an opportunity to help us to support our brain and liver, not only on that but also food supplements that helps to support muscle growth and hormone stabilization.Because most people in my country hopes so much on doctor prescription.
Let's see next lesson on making money
I will just give it a try and see how far i can go with this internet business as they have promised me with such benefit that i could get back.So this is my first post, hope it goes well.