Made it back to 200!

Last Update: July 14, 2018

Yeah! I'm in the top 200 again. I got to 199 and then bounced up to 207. Well, I can't be too overly concerned about my rank. I've got lots to learn and even more to do!

I actually started applying for problogger jobs and I just had a great interview with a company. I can start applying this knowledge for a blogging job. I'm very excited!

I keep learning more and more about perfecting the art of affiliate marketing. I want to thank everyone here who has encouraged me. I truly appreciate it!

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GDavies Premium
Wow, good for you! I'm hoping to hit those three digits someday soon. :)
RAFStuart Premium
Welcome back.
MKearns Premium
Bouncing is fine. I crossed the 25/26 line often.
EandS2018 Premium
This is wonderful !
Good for you !
davehayes Premium
Congrats and well done