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Often when copywriters start out, they lack the confidence to sell their services to people. This is where blogging comes in! Blogging and affiliate marketing is a great way to learn the ropes of SEO, content marketing, and customer focused copywriting. The best thing that you can do is start to write DAILY! Whether you are writing a job application writing sample, a test piece or a blog post. Make sure you get practice writing in everyday. This will help you improve your skills immensely! What
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How to Measure the Success of Your Loyalty Rewards ProgramKeeping customers coming back is key to your business. With customer loyalty programs, you can entice your customers to return to your store over and over again. Customer loyalty programs help you to improve customer retention which is vital to any business' success. According to research conducted by the Garnet Group, twenty percent of a company’s existing customers generate at least 80% of its revenue.Once you have selected an en
July 14, 2018
Yeah! I'm in the top 200 again. I got to 199 and then bounced up to 207. Well, I can't be too overly concerned about my rank. I've got lots to learn and even more to do! I actually started applying for problogger jobs and I just had a great interview with a company. I can start applying this knowledge for a blogging job. I'm very excited! I keep learning more and more about perfecting the art of affiliate marketing. I want to thank everyone here who has encouraged me. I truly appreciate it!
I guess when you have technical issues and are sending site support a ton of messages and chatting up the other members, you can drop rank pretty quickly! Another win that I had this week was that I got my first WA referral. I had started the super affiliate program in January, but abandoned it when my affiliate commissions from my fitness site stopped. Then I switched focus to my fitness website. I started blogging each day and now I'm starting to see some ad sense and amazon affiliate commiss
So, I've found my blogging groove. At first, I tried doing three times per week and somehow I would slack off more at that time. I set a goal to blog daily and I found that really stressful. However, giving myself the weekends off to clean up my blog posts and generate new ideas has helped me find my groove. One thing that I'm struggling with though is checking my ranking. I have almost 200 blog posts (created over 10 months) and I don't check them to see what ranking they are getting. Does any
July 01, 2018
This week was majorly frustrating when my site wasn't working. My affiliate links weren't showing up and I couldn't figure out why. Site support and EasyAzon's support didn't seem to know what was wrong either. After I fixed that issue, my google analytics didn't seem to be working. Thankfully, I fixed both issues within a couple days. I'm so grateful for the WA community to keep my spirits lifted and point out possible problems. I feel great for overcoming this hurdle. Now on to the next thing
Hey Wealthy Affiliate community!I'm happy to report that after many emails and a lot of trouble shooting, I was able to resolve the issue that I had with my amazon associates plugin. I don't know what did the trick, but my links are working now! I even checked Amazon Associates and I had a click yesterday, so I know that someone clicked on my link.Now, my google analytics is showing zero traffic for yesterday. That can't be! I had someone click on my affiliate link yesterday AND I had some comm
June 29, 2018
I was going along fine and getting into my groove with writing. I loved using a plugin known as EasyAzon to instantly add my affiliate link to the product pictures on my website. It worked wonderfully for about 10 months. Yesterday, I noticed that NONE of my affiliate pictures and links were showing up on my website. Ack!! I contacted EasyAzon's support and they gave me a few things to do. Uninstall plugins, reinstall plugins. It didn't fix the problem. I contacted Wealthy Affiliate's site supp
I'm at month nine and I finally broke 1,000 visitors per month. In January, I got a bit overconfident and tried doing the Super Wealthy Affiliate Program and creating another website to promote WA. However, that meant I was dividing my attention. I was consistently writing 3 articles per week for each site, but my numbers started dropping and the product that I was making money from suddenly stopped selling?! So, I made the decision to only focus on one website until I reached some decent sales
Unfortunately, the clickbank product just stopped making sales for me. So sad! However, I made 3 clickbank commissions this week! While they are only a few dollars, I'm so excited to finally be getting some Amazon sales. I'm going to focus on the positive for now!