First USD 51.98. Be Like A Proton, Always Positive

Last Update: October 03, 2018

Finally, I got my first USD 51.98. It came from two promotional links placement. An online service website offered me to pay a fee if I want to put the website links on my posts.

This is a big amount of money compared to advertisement revenue. I am grateful because I only have 25 posts. Hopefuly the number will grow along with my website's growth.

This is my first experience to receive money from other country via PayPal. So .....never give up to chase our dream. We can do that at our own pace.

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Godsmack12 Premium
Congrats. As more will come Keep rocking that success.
Loes Premium
Congrats Melani, very nice news! Keep going!
MiaL Premium
Congratulations! May there be many more to come!!
MariaCD Premium
Wayne66 Premium
That is Fantastic, Melani. The start of many good things to come I'm sure.

Keep Moving Forward,