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June 04, 2020
Hi, WA family members. I want to share a plugin to add related posts on your website. You may want to search on Google about some plugins that you can install for the purpose. Using this plugin is useful to reduce the bounce rate. In other words it can keep your website visitors reading your website content longer.I am using Wordpress Related Post Thumbnail plugin by WP Brigade. It is free and easy to use the plugin. After installing and activating the plugin, then you need to set how many post
Finally, I got my first USD 51.98. It came from two promotional links placement. An online service website offered me to pay a fee if I want to put the website links on my posts.This is a big amount of money compared to advertisement revenue. I am grateful because I only have 25 posts. Hopefuly the number will grow along with my website's growth.This is my first experience to receive money from other country via PayPal. So .....never give up to chase our dream. We can do that at our own pace.
December 16, 2017
I got an email from and I thought better if I share the link here. Click on the link below to send Christmas ecards for free: it if you have known it already.
December 08, 2017
Finally, I have published my first product review. This is a book review "99 Ways To Be Happier Every Day". I have added Book Depository affiliate link on this post.Here is the link: https://healthyhappywomanafter...Then, I can tick the Course 3 finishing box and move to Course 4. Actually I have done most of the assignments of Course 4. I can't wait to finish the Course 4 assignments.If there is a will there is a way. We all must face the hectic days in relation with various roles in our life.
November 23, 2017
Just took the advantage of Black Friday in extending my membership. It changed the yearly price from $ 359 to $ 299. I hope I can finnish The Certification lessons and earn a significant amount before the second Black Friday offer for me.I enjoy the journey and learning process here. My website is getting better day to day. This is my tenth month as a premium member. I have learned much from the lessons and WA member's posts. Thank you for sharing your precious tips.My progress is slow but stea
Headline is the first words that are read by the readers. It can determine whether they will open the link or not. Too standard title or headline make it is not interesting. A compelling title can attract more visitors.There are many tools to create compelling headlines. I like to use We can do it simply by typing the main keyword and soon appear 700 headlines with one click. For example I typed the keyword "cinnamon health benefit". Then click GET HEADLINES! (in red bo
October 22, 2017
I was so happy reading the email from about my acceptance that I got panic. I failed to login in the dashboard several times during the panic time. Wow, this will be a more serious job, lol. Some important lessons that I have learned during the sign-up process to be an affiliate and advertisement partner publisher:Website theme choice is very important because it gives the overall impression for the website visitors I have c
I don't know much about readibility. That is before I use Yoast SEO plugin and Hemingway application. After using Yoast, I know what my article readibility grade. It is marked red if the readibility is bad or need improvements. Orange if the readibility is ok but not good yet, and green if the readibility is good. I often get red mark, a sign that the readibility is bad.Then I read about Hemingway application in internet. I tried to use the application and it is a great tool. Hemingway applicat
September 21, 2017
My post about "Top 10 Powerful Antioxidants" ranked in position 6 google page one. It happened three day after the article being published. That is a low hanging fruit keyword with QSR = 2, searches<10, and traffic<10. After a week the rank decreased, but then back to page one again. Jovo has explained that it is usual for new website less than six month old. I am happy because my articles can rank with Yoast SEO plugin as well as with All in One SEO plugin.I have added plugin Post Views
I was starting to use Google Alerts five days ago. I set to get alerts for words "aging" and "antioxidants" related with my niche. Then I set to get alerts once a day at 9 PM. That is the best time for me because I work full time. At the second alert for "aging", I got an information about an all in one anti aging skin care that softens the appearance of wrinkles. There is a promotion programme "A 30 Day Free Trial Available For Women In 57 Countries - Including The US". The offer available to