Thank You And Please Keep Praying for My Daughter.

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I wish to thank you all who have commented on my request for prayers for my daughter. You, the 99 great friends who have spared your time to give words of encouragement means a lot to me and my family. I will tell my daughter that you guys are, atleast most of you are praying for her and all of you are sending your good wishes for her. The doctor has told us she needs to stay on in the hospital.

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Mega, when you get back, you might like some music. Music can be very healing.
I have a Fave group. Maybe they would bless you as well. On youtube, search for a band called Unspoken
(like the prayers for your daughter, you and your family)
Unspoken playlist (Unspoken Unspoken playlist)
then, it should only come out music Only by Unspoken,
42 Unspoken tunes.

Hope you come back soon, Florentino. Lots of people missing you!


Hi, Just stopped by to check on you. I heard that your daughter has been ill.

I am so sorry that your family is facing these challenges. I pray for your daughter, your wife and you during this difficult period. I hope that things are improving.

May your days be filled with grace and peace.

Missing you Mega! The GOD of comfort holds you in His arms, and your family. You are seated in the heavenlies in the victorious One, Christ Jesus, looking down on all situations that concern this earthly life. You are more than a conqueror in every situation. Take your rest in Him and his orderly plan of creation.
The Master over every storm in life lives in you.

Peace Brother, the kind that surrounds,
then surpasses understanding , and helps you to "Grok" from Robert A. Heinlein's Dune Trilogy. helps to to appreciate God's unsurpassed 4 dimensional LOVE.

Sis Suzay, LOVE & LOVE

Yes Florintino,
I will be relentlessly praying for your daughter, you, your wife and family! Blood of Jesus on and in every cell of your bodies, right now, in Jesus name above all names.
Mega, don't hold onto any , that is zip , zero stress. Your job is to "hurl" like a discus thrower in the world Olympics. To cast with all your might, to throw all of your cares on Him for He cares for you, put your name in there, and claim this promise as your own! Yahshua loves you too much to let you bear a burden, that He has already lifted, as soon as you let go and give it to Him.
You can't be you best to your God, to yourself, or to you Fam if you are too stressed to function. Cares is the Greek word, thalipsis, meaning the mental pressure, the stress of this world. You know that is sand in the machinery of believing, right?

Too much stress, and you can't be blessed! Stressed out and Not Being ALL you can be, alert and alive, in praise and expectational believing for best outcomes, brings miracles of healing(s)!
That is your daughter, if she cannot believe for herself due to a condition, or simply lack of believing, then parents or other believers, by revelation are to step in and believe with our King, to bring about the best outcome.

Cast ALL of your cares! How many? ALL.


Dearest Megawinner, when our prayers and heartfelt cry is coupled with the truth and promises the living word of God has spoken, that tiny faith is ignited and begins to grow.

The history book and word of God says:

No weapon formed against you shall prosper, ALL who rise against you shall fall.

Healing is the children's bread.

...and many more promises that we read and never take hold of.

Remind your heavenly daddy how thankful you are to have her in your life.

I heard a woman explain a particular scripture in the bible like a recipe. If you don't follow the recipe sometimes a mess is made.

1) Give Thanks
2) Give Praise
3) Then let your requests be made known to God

Are we going to God with faith, begging Him as if we don't know what He is capable of doing?

Are we thanking Him for giving us those blessings, and thanking Him for breath we take in every morning?

Are we praising Him for all the wonders our senses have been blessed with; eyes to see the mountains, oceans and life, and new born babies.

Are we letting Him know just how magnificent we think He is and when He's ready to show those miraculous works that we are ready?

When our children come to us, do they come begging with fear or with ask with reassurance?

THAT is how we need to see ourselves before our Creator; because he loves us, we understand How magnificent His mighty hand is, but the reassurance that because of the love He has for us, He is willing and able to do everything on our behalf.

Many times our lack of understanding, or faith keeps us from really achieving that destination of which we were meant to fulfill.

Have as much faith in her healing as you do in this training and system and you will have nothing to be concerned about.

You remind her who God is and that He is a healer.


Hebrews 11:1 Faith


Beautiful. Will pray 🙏 for all of you Fiorentino!

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