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I wish to thank you all who have commented on my request for prayers for my daughter. You, the 99 great friends who have spared your time to give words of encouragement means a lot to me and my family. I will tell my daughter that you guys are, atleast most of you are praying for her and all of you are sending your good wishes for her. The doctor has told us she needs to stay on in the hospital.
September 06, 2020
I want to say hi to everyone to all of you my WAmily. Please pray for my daughter who has been sick since the other Friday and is still confined at a hospital. I do not know until when she could be out of the hopital. The doctor will give an assessment come this Tuesday. Please pray for me and my wife too. God bless us all. It's one of the worst days of my life. And for some days and nghts I couldn't have an hour sleep without waking up since the other Friday. Help me through prayers...
From "Endless" Failures to Mega-SuccessSometimes people you know well are the ones who would make you down. They would advise you to forget all about your dream and say it in the most painful way. Worse, some would even think of you having a crack on your head. This is a true story of endless failures to mega-success. What we dream for is sometimes not something many people can appreciate.While people you don’t really know are the ones you might find encouraging you to keep going. No off
What is in the brain so important, it should only keep the best things there are. Most of us may fail if we do not take serious remedy on the issues of who we are. Who you are is what you will be. If you are lazy and a procrastinator, chances are your life will go to a lot of challenges and hardships. Now, it will only be so if you are not able to calibrate you ways on the right side. We need to understand the core of the matter, what makes someone for what a person is or who she/he is? Let st
19+ tips for lucrative online business and for happier life.Confucius advice is very much significant in today’s online businessmen. Because of the pandemic effect around the world casualty might include many of the ordinary peoples’ source of income including the traditional businesses. Most of the Small and medium enterprises or SME’s have closed down indefinitely and many more have announced bankruptcy. There were no business activities when the people cannot go out freely
What really makes a positive attitude?We have to be aware of our attitude. Attitude is the way we treat others, we treat ourselves and we treat the importance of plan. Responsibility and dreams. How do we treat our commitment to upgrade the quality of our lives. According to Albert Einstein " weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character. There are people who have become excellent in their field of endeavors. Because according to Ralph Marston, "Excellence is not a skill, it's an attitude
What is the difference between successful men and the rest?The difference between successful people and the rest?We may think we are successful in our own right. So let us compare successful people with you and me. What separate the successful men from the rest?The thought processes and the action we take. Maybe.What constitute the successful thought processes and the action we take? The following factors must be understood and must be applied.1. What is our self-belief? We should know what i
August 10, 2020
“I shall return” Can you decipher the words I say? Can you read between the line? “I shall return” The measure by which we become victorious is our courage to act and change.To keep the momentum, keep going. To keep going, keep moving. And keep moving on the right direction to the right goal. Trust me it is not easy. I saw the gravity of the work at hand, time ate even the rest at night. I reckon this endeavor must have its fruit or it would be just a useless exercise
Our thoughts and our action is the connecting line to having a great feel of the day. Everything is only in the mind. So let us greet each other like – Have a great day WAmily!The quality of our lives remain in the flow of our thoughts. Ever wonder positive and optimistic people have smiley faces and cool demeanors. Because their thoughts are cheerful and filled with great anticipations. Creating positive courses of actions towards a great day. Have a great day, WAmily! One of the reasons
1. Be sure For a multi-Trillion dollar online business - be sure you know where you are going to! We at the WA community might as well take care of our own online business more seriously ASAP. From surviving to thriving:3 Vital pointers to understand and remember. The first one Be sure you are into it - that you are sure you will keep going.Well, online business will keep thriving by leaps and bounds in an epic proportion, be sure you are in the loop. If we could just get a tiny part from it,