My First $30,000 Month - Well Almost $29,330.68 To Be Exact

Last Update: April 24, 2019

It's been almost 2 years now since I joined WA. It's the place that started my entire journey into online entrepreneurship.

It's hard to believe I used to drive a forklift in a dusty old warehouse for 50+ hrs a week of only $17hr.

I now make almost as much in a single month than I did working an entire year, it still seems unreal.

I know a lot of people who start WA have taken the training and are still struggling to make an income online. You hear it day in and day out just keep working and pushing forward, create more content, content is king.

Then you will here excuses like I think I picked a bad niche, can't find the right products to promote, or some are here hoping to post a few articles and become rich overnight.

I can tell you it does not happen that way.

It takes a shit load of hard work to start making money online and even to this day I still work 8 to 10 hrs a day on my business.

There is no such thing as a 4-hour work week guys.

Sure I can take a few weeks off here and there and not see any major changes to my income but if I were to take a whole year off I can guarantee my income would probably drop by over half.

There is so much valuable training online outside of WA. Wealthy Affiliate is awesome without a doubt but don't stop there, take the little nuggets of gold here and there and apply it, then go out and look for other ways to expand your knowledge.

A lot of you will just complete the WA training and think that's the end all be all of the training. There is so so so so so so much more to just posing on blogs and keyword research.

Sure some of my $30k came from my blog but only about $3k. The rest came from my YT content/Ads, FB Ads, Adwords and more than anything else it's my email funnel sequences

Emails are still by far my #1 income source and I'm not sure why WA doesn't do more training on it.

So I am going to break it down how I make money online.

The first thing you will need is a good landing page builder (not a blog) a quick drag and drop landing page builder that is connected to your email autoresponder. You will use this to create simple optin pages giving something away of value for free. Like a list, short ebook, short video course, etc.

Then once they optin with their emails you will send out a sequence of emails about 10 to 15 that will be sent out to those on that email sequence. When they first come in to this list you will tag them in your autoresponder so you know where they came from so you can track them.

The first email they receive is an email introducing yourself and sending them a link to download the free pdf from Dropbox or where ever you have it stored at online. (Do not put any affiliate links in this email)

Then you will send them 2 or 3 more emails teaching them something of value. Example if you are in the weight loss niche send them emails on how to get started losing weight with these few simple tricks. (Do not put any affiliate links in this email)

You are trying to build trust with your email list not spam them with affiliate offers they will just unsubscribe.

People buy things from people they trust.

Then around email 4 or 5 send them value with a link or two to the affiliate product you are promoting, don't just say here go buy this product click link. (This crap doesn't work).

You may be asking why should I build an email list at all?

It's simple think about the last time you went online, read through a blog about a product and purchased it right then and there. You actually went found your wallet or purse got out your credit card, filled out the order form?

The normal person looking to buy or join a program will not do that. They will go online search for reviews, watch multiple YouTube video, and read multiple blogs about the product before they make their final purchase.

They may land on your site first read your review, click back and go to the next website read that review or info, click back again and do it over and over again until they have justified spending money to purchase the product or join a website. Most will research over the course of a few days.

Let's say someone goes online and starts search for ways to make money online. First they may go to google and type that in, landing on multiple pages and find the product they want. Then they go to YouTube to look for reviews of that product from real people talking on camera. People tend to trust you more when they can see your face.

So let say you create a YouTube video about ways to make money online (please start making YouTube videos even if you don't like being on camera it's the second largest search engine in the world and 10x easier to rank) and place a link below the video in the description to a landing page that you mention in your video giving them a pdf with the 10 easiest ways to start making money online today when they put in their email.

Now you can start building trust with that person through email giving them great advice about how to get started. Telling them to contact you if you have questions etc. That person will check out your pdf but also continue to search for ways to make money online.


You will be sending them valuable information over the next few days and when they finally do see in your email something along the lines of

"Hey Michael, I know you have been searching for a while now on a way to start making a little extra income online. Hopefully the list of 10 great ways to start making money online sparked a few ideas for you. I personally have been using XYZ for the past few years and have had great success with it. Would you like to hear my story about how I got started?"

See what I did there is I didn't post any links, I started a two-way conversation to get the email subscriber engaged. Then when they do reply please don't just say here go join this here is the link. Talk to them, give them advice.

Thats pretty much the birds eye view.

Of course there is a lot of other stuff going on in the background and I mostly use FB and YT ads to get traffic to that same optin page but that gives you an idea of how I am currently making money.

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JStepnowski1 Premium
Really great info here. I will definitely have to apply some of this to my own site. Thank you for the good news and the awesome training here.

My wife doesn't really like the idea of me putting my face online but I wouldn't be here if I didn't see and hear from the guy who brought me here.

All the best,

Hadeerk Premium
hello, thank you for the valubale information.
i have a few quires on this, so on the email part, how do i create a landing page & from what i understand is that from that landing page i can have/ collect customers emails & start emailing them on my niche as you mentioned.

& will this also be applicable to my WA followers?
like can i also target them & get their emails as well?

on the FB & YT , i already have these channels promoting other stuff, and i won't be able to have more SM channels as it will be difficult to control & update regularly . so will i still reach to success without them?

Appreciate your response.

YvetteC2 Premium
Hello Hadeer. To answer your question about landing pages, take a look at this training: As for obtaining emails for those that are following you in WA, it's best to communicate with people here on this platform. Using PM (private message) is a great way to communicate with members in private. There are certain rules and regulations around obtaining personal information that may fall into Spamming. For information about that, read this link: As far as having social media as an outlet, maybe you can have one social media outlet for your business for now and then grow from there. I had the same question as you around that so I only worked on a couple of outlets and then grew from there. To read how social media can help your business, read this link: It is a little dated in that it mentions Google+ which is not around now, but this may help you with some other ideas.

I hope this information is helpful. Wishing you all the best.

Kind regards,
ERichardson1 Premium
Congratulations my friend big time, it is so true what you have said, about billing trust. I have been advertising on Facebook for over 6 months, and just in the last month, I can see that people are finally trusting me. The communication thing, there is no doubt it must exist. I'm just now getting into the email thing, I thank you for letting us all know about your success, and accomplished, it gives inner power to everyone. May prosperity be with you always.
ahearst Premium
" Sure some of my $30k came from my blog but only about $3k" So blogging accounts for only 10% of the total income.? Just one blog takes me several hours, pretty much eats up every available hour I have after my rigorous full-time student's life ( which is very much similar to a full time adult working life , working 9-5 ).

My question then why are we doing and spending too much on this ( blogging ) ? To me this post is very discouraging and depressing. Maybe what you said is the truth and if it's the truth then there's not much incentive for me to be with WA much longer ( luckily I have been here for only 3 weeks, not too late to chuck this whole thing out before spending hundreds or thousands of hours with miniscule result ).

As you said " I still work 8 to 10 hrs a day on my business.
There is no such thing as a 4-hour work week guys.". That's fine and dandy when this is the only thing you do, spending 8-10 hrs a day is normal, no more different than those dudes working in a corporate world.
But for someone who's already spending 8-10 hrs. a day either at work or at college where are we supposed to get the extra 8-10 hrs a day ? You're looking at 16-20 hrs a day if we are to do both. I don't know how many people can continuously do that.
NewLaurie Premium
As with every business, it takes time, effort and investment to create success here.

Of course, the hours you put into it are a major determinant of potential income. Have you ever found a business where this isn't the case?

Alternatively, many students get part time jobs (usually at or around minimum wage).

Whatever works for you.
mday849 Premium
My email list comes from lead magnet pages. Not blogging. I give away free ebooks, checklist, mini course etc in exchange for the persons email list. Then when they give me their email list I send them a link to download what they opted in for. Then you haveto create trust by sending value based emails. Then eventually start sending offers. You can build an email list really fast with paid traffic as it can be done with blogging it will just take you a really long time.
mday849 Premium
I am actually putting together a few videos and an example I'll post on here for you guys to see how to set the whole thing up. It might me a few weeks as wife and kids are going to disney for spring break next week.
rphillipsss Premium
Sorry using my small screen phone. You’re right. Wrong person. Should have being for @ahearst.
rphillipsss Premium
Please don’t misunderstand this blog.

I know how you feel. You sound like a hard working person. I am also trying to do this whilst working in retail 50 hours a week.

I think a lot us misunderstand that blogging is a profession.

It took me a while to appreciate this. Like any other business, we need to put in the hours. But unlike a 9-5 job. You are your own boss.

I learnt that a lot of the big time bloggers share the process with writers they employ. And other staff they employ to perform other parts of the process.

There are so many ways of making money in the blogging world. You will find some bloggers getting most of their traffic from one or multiple mediums including facebook, pinterest etc.

There are bloggers that also make most of their income from pure blogging. What you see in WA.

But even blogging itself entails other elements. One of the highest paid bloggers on WA explained how he set up a 100k pay day week. Part of his strategy was to do a live seminar with the massive Asian market in his niche. To plan a successful seminar takes a lot of time and work.

Like your other replies have pointed out, It is not for everyone. The author of this post has actually given us a realistic insight here of an aspect of blogging. And if this is scary to you and discourages you then perhaps you’re right it may not be for you.
rphillipsss Premium
That would be super helpful. Thanks.
Debs66 Premium
I actually can see here what's gone wrong and it's in no part your fault Jason. Nor is it New Laurie's. You was just explaining a plain fact. Totally flabbergasted by it all.

:( smhhh
rphillipsss Premium
Thanks for this. One of the major things WA did is open my eyes to the fact that there are a lot of things I needed to learn not just from WA, but from other credible sources. Before WA, I was loyal to one way one company and this held me back. Very helpful share. And congrats on your 30K month. This is massive! Hopefully this will be me one day.
Pamela-C Premium
A HUGE Congratulations to you on your success!

Also, a BIG thank you for sharing the 'how' you did it info. It's people like you that give back something for nothing that truly inspires me to keep on even if I can't yet do 8-10 hrs a day.

Like many others who have commented on this post, the email marketing has stumped me the many times I have tried, then adding the freebies and creating funnels...well let's just say I have a few more gray hairs now than when I first started and I still haven't figured it out

Looking forward to hearing more about your success
All the best to you and I hope you enjoy Disney with your family

Birki Premium
Wow and congratulations for your tenacity, your endurance, your hard work!! I think it is very healthy your attitude ;-) And you deserve the success, I agree nothing comes just by itsself ;-)

All the best, I will follow you gladly, also many thanks for sharing your learned lessons, Sabine
benjaminpate Premium
awesome thanks for the share - its always important to continue to learn and always learn - I will have to check on builderall. I came across it months back before I really got into affiliate marketing as a competitor with clickfunnels and leadpages - clickfunnels was pricey compared to the others but I have not got to the point of putting it in practice.

With all the built in features of builderall it sounds like something that could work - does it gives you all the stats you need so you can do some test you copy and landing pages against each other? Do you use a tracking tool like clickmagic or does it have it built it?
LakenStarr Premium
Im new and you just made my 2019! Hopping on from just taking a nap I was thinking I need something BIG to happen here somehow today and hopped on to do more training and "BAM!"there was your post. Been wondering how all this was going to come together and constantly checking out Youtube and doing various research about autoresponders, capture pages, organic traffic, blog sites, ecommerce etc...but things were still disjointed. So thank you for keeping it real and passing it FORWARD! My direction is now set. I just have to bring it all together. Kudo's to you and your success and much much more. I actually may hit you up on WhatsApp simply because of the value you've given. It works.
Frost4fire Premium
lmwhite Premium
First, congratulations on your amazing success. Yes, more advanced members need more training with email marketing, and I TOTALLY agree that the education doesn't stop at WA.

I can add a few resources as well with regards to email marketing and lead generation training for those who are reading comments:

• I have taken three separate courses in email marketing through Udemy in addition to the WA live training classes. They were all invaluable to me and got me going on writing my first drip campaign.

• I've also gotten some decent training as an Optin Monster customer. This service allows me to create nice-looking optin forms. I use Aweber for my email lists, but the forms are not very engaging, so I needed a better solution.

• I also subscribe to Buzzsumo and read their content religiously. I am starting to take their advice about creating massive guides for my website visitors. People love great value, and if we can give that to our website visitors every day, then they will subscribe to our email lists and keep coming back for more. My guides top 5000+ words and take several days to write and edit, but they are a means to help my website visitors think strategically about their careers and education as web developers.

Final thoughts: Both Aweber and Optinmonster cost money, and there are some months where I see my bills and cringe. On the other hand, once my website started to make money, I found that I needed to go a few steps beyond the free solutions in order to grow my business. In the end, it's worth investing in your business.

Now, back to the post: I appreciate you sharing your success here and encouraging everyone to keep plugging away. It is through commitment and grit and sheer persistence that anyone grows a website. There are no easy solutions. As you have demonstrated, you just need to stick with it and do the work!
mday849 Premium
That's why I switched to builder all all its only $29 a month for unlimited emails and landing page builders which has you optin forms on the landing page. I used to spend $429 a month with clickfunnels and get response but it was crazy expensive then another affiliate introduced my to builderall and I've been using them for over 9 months now.
TRyan2 Premium
Wow. I'm so glad to hear this. I've been slowly getting into this whole world, and what I'm finding out is EXACTLY what you've said. I love WA and think it's a great homebase for me as I start this journey, but there is soooooo much useful -- and FREE -- info out there. I've seen and learned a lo, and it all been falling into place in my mind....but I was still a bit hesitant, in terms of "What do I really need? And what's just another scam?"

Thank you for confirming what seemed to make sense to me as the "things one really needs to do." AND as far as hours of work. I was just thinking about this yesterday. That this is something you will work on every single day, if you want to keep the money coming in.

So many thanks, congratulations, and best of luck going forward!
RoderickSher Premium
Well, you nailed a lot of important points, although I believe that you can get solid training in all the areas you mentioned on here, you just have to search the extra classes and lectures, at least the basics. But I agree in that this is where I started, this is where I learned, but I did continue to learn from any truly successful affiliate and their methods out there, but there is no better platform than this for sure, and no better people who are always trying to help. You may not need it, but there are some incredible coaches on here that experts in the areas you mentioned. I enjoyed your article, it was honest and refreshing to hear something more than the usual that was helpful. Thanks
Wolfe222 Premium
You bring some great points to the table Michael; I'd definitely like to see more training relative to emails but since I'm a newbie in the field, I'll keep my comments to what I know.

I definitely believe that a "contact" community like the one WA has brings many to the next level; being able to talk about the issues you're facing and how to get them resolved sure beats trying to find the answer on google!

DDarragh Premium
good job that is awesome and i agree with everything you said!

Funnels or email sequences are the future I do believe.!

Persistence and open thinking will lead to success

My Dad taught me you could make money at anything if you really put your heart in it!

onward n upward
Skykie3112 Premium
congratulations!!! and very well done on your achievement. hard work really does pay off.

The method you have shared is quality information thank you , i need to stop checking how many people visit my page and start investing in some of your ideas.

I have literally just started about 6 weeks so i have a long way to go - inspirational information like this helps me to focus on where i want to be.

I wish for you continued success and hope to seeing more of your valuable information.

have a wonderful day.
LesBlythe Premium
Thanks for the inspirational post, good solid advice and a great roadmap of how to see success in a reasonable amount of time with solid effort.

Funnels are key and, of course, you don't need a website if you're approaching your marketing via ads, landing page, email list, email sequence.

The main benefits of using website content and SEO are:

- There is no cost involved other than your time and effort (considerable). Not everyone has a budget they can spend on ads and it's not a good idea if you're not sure what you're doing.

- Once you build a steady flow of traffic via SEO, it's long-term and sustainable (hopefully Google won't nail you if you do it right).

- If you turn off ads, you turn off your traffic.

That said, if you can get a positive ROI from ads, go for it!

I still believe a solid website is a great base for your business that can be enhanced with other methods as your skillset/confidence grow. Your website is only 10% of your income, that's a really good point.

Thanks once again for sharing, love to hear about your $50k month when it happens!
LouiseBT Premium
Hi Michael
Thank you for this share - you really have given us pearls :-) I created my first landing page yesterday with the confirmation and welcome email - so delighted to know I am on the right track! YouTube is the next step, it's challenging me for some reason, just need to get out of my own way, haha!
Thank you so much again.
jake79 Premium
I've been toying with the idea of whether or not to start email marketing for my site, but can't really see how it would work well for an Amazon review site.

It makes sense for MMO website as most visitors are after the same thing. So creating a launch for a certain digital product you made or something can make you a lot of money.

I just wondered if you knew how people with niche review sites make money from email marketing?

Cheers, Jake
mday849 Premium
It absolutely will work for niche amazon sites. Let say you have a niche survival gear site that sells wilderness survival gear, camping gear, tents etc. Most people who come to this type site are adventures people looking to find good gear. They enjoy the outdoors. You put up a small guide on the top 10 things you must have to survive in the wild. Send them to a landing page to collect their email in exchange for them to download the guide. The first email will just say here's your pdf of the must have 10 items needed before going out on a hike, camping trip etc. Then follow those emails up with either articles about survival, how to survive in the wilderness videos, etc. You dont even have to create the content go find an outdoor magazine online or YouTube channel and send links to those articles in the first few emails. Then start sending once a week emails about cool gear you find on amazon and how it would make creating a fire easier(water proof fire starters), how to purify lake water with tablets(link to water purifaction tabs) , what to do if you get a snake bite(link to snake bite kit). I know people that make thousands of dollars a month doing just what I explained here. Even of they dont buy right there if they are like cool let me save that to my cart for later. Amazon has it if they add it to their cart you still get a commission even if they purchase it 90 days from now of they dont add it to cart it 9nly has a 24 hr cookie. Alot of people save stuff to their amazon and purchase later. Heck even I have like $700 worth of stuff saved in my amazon cart. So start collecting those emails you will more than double or triple your income.
Zarina Premium
Interesting, you are good at convincing us to go for it! Haha.

In terms of 90 day cookie, does it really count if they followed some other link between when they added products to cart and actually bought them?

For some reason I thought if that happens then basically whatever they had in the cart will go to the person whose link they followed last.
jake79 Premium
Woohoo, that's great, I felt like I was going to miss out big time on email marketing after seeing so many peeps making a lot of money with it on their MMO site.

Thanks for the reassurance Michael and the push, just what I needed. I'll go over to mail chimp now and sign up.
mday849 Premium
The amazon 90 day is only if they add it to their cart. If they don't add it to their cart then there is a 24 hr cookie.
tommo1968 Premium
First off congratulations that is impressive.

I have a list and was using it more to send traffic to the website.

Are you sending them directly to Amazon is that not against their T&C's?
Zarina Premium
I swear just a couple of days ago I was checking your page to read some posts I could get more inspiration from and voila! New post 😄 Thanks for sharing, Michael!

I'll be honest, I tried to understand email marketing a while ago, got frustrated and gave up on it. And still haven't come around to it.

I feel that I should focus on content, getting more traffic and increasing conversion rates but people tell me it might be a good idea to start building an email list. (My photography site is more than 1 year old already and it's pretty established already).

Thanks for giving food for thought. Might implement it this year.

P.S. Congrats on your achievements!!
sherlock77 Premium
Some really great information here, Mike. Thanks for sharing this. I'm surprised there's not more training on email marketing on WA as well.

A quick question about FB ads and optin pages...FB have no problem with your ads sending people to an optin page?

My previous FB advertising account got permanently banned for leading to an email optin page.
mday849 Premium
Nope never had a problem. What was on your landing page optin page? Did it lead directly to an affiliate link? Did it talk about losing weight or making money online?
sherlock77 Premium
It was a few years ago. It was something about making money online, but just an email optin, no affiliate links or anything.

If you're trying to get people onto an email list where you're helping them make money online, how can you avoid having any mention of that on the email optin page?

I think it's in FB's TOS that they don't approve of optin pages and squeeze pages. I think Google ads is the same.

That's why I've always wondered how people do the email list building by sending paid advertising to an optin page. I know a lot of people teach that method.
mday849 Premium
That's what all major companies on FB do is send directly to an optin page. I think I had more to do with the wording on the landing page more than anything.
Jerrick75 Premium
Wow! Reading this post just gave me a boost of confidence and a huge "spark" to keep at it and keep pushing on. Such a well written and very informative post. I know all too well the "drag" of working 50+ hours a week and just feeling drained all the time. So thank you so very much for sharing this with everyone. Simply Amazing!

Jerrick S.
Pauline19 Premium
Thank you for this blog. I am so inspired by your blog Mday849 that I am going to be saving it and following you.

I am new but I put in an average of 3 -4 hrs per day for the week as I work full-time at another job, but my concentration is the training and writing content. Hope to finish this aspect of training and go onto learning new things to earn some money.

Thanks and continue to do what you are doing bro.
hzandstra Premium
Thanks for sharing. That's a great reminder that working online is still working. I started my website with WA almost 10 months ago. However, I work a full time job have 3 kids at home and many other things going on. I have to make time for my business. My hope is to build more content and really start seeing some traffic in the next month or so. But how ever long it takes, it's worth it. I've been in business offline, and most businesses don't see profit for at least 3 years. It's amazing to think we have all this earning potential and all we have to do is put in the effort!
LKick Premium
Thank you Michael. I understand most of what you tell. I will keep growing and I will follow up on the things you recommend. It is amazing that you are doing so well. Congratulations. I know it is hard work.
I know how to do hard work with intent. :) Linda
P.S. I'm now following.
gjshawk Premium
You and I joined WA at around the same time, and the difference between your success and mine is night and day. I haven't made anything yet, and I can see why. I've never had an 8 hour day working on my business. Mostly I've had 1 or 2 hour days, and it shows. If I'd worked harder maybe I'd be much more successful! Thanks for the great info. I'm saving your post.
LisaBrack Premium
You can do it, there's still time. :-)
gjshawk Premium
My first thought when I read your note that there’s still time was, “Yes, I’m not dead yet!” You’re right, of course. There is still time for me to succeed. And, I’m still working on it. I’m not giving up. Thanks, Lisa.
LisaBrack Premium
VERY informative, thank you. Yes, I have been gathering information 'nuggets' from all over the place. You refer to YT in your article can you tell me what that means please?

Also, choosing your niche, what did you finally decide on? And how many different websites would you recommend running, because there are only so many hours in a day and I can't see the benefit of having more than one if you can't manage the work load and bring things to a successful conclusion (= getting paid for your efforts)?

Thanks again,

mday849 Premium
YT = YouTube

I send people to landing pages and what's called a lead magnet funnel. With the sole purpose of getting their email. I use what's called an ethical bribe (free checklist, free pdf, free mini course, etc) in exchange for their email address so I can start marketing to them through email. I don't actually build out content on my blog anymore.
LisaBrack Premium
Do you think blog content is relevant? Should one do it to begin with = influence according to many?
TheAdvisor Premium
Wow! Congratulations Michael, that's impressive!

I swear that when I saw the title of your blog post, I smiled. I smiled because one my goals, as well as one of my affirmations, or what I visualize in my mind most times: is me making $30,000 a month and me looking at my bank statement and focusing on that good feeling that I get when I feel like I would feel when I feel how great it feels to know how good it feels to look at that bank statement then doing whatever I felt like doing from there, like as if I already had it!

This post was like a sign to me and only further validates what I believe is possible and know that one day I will achieve!

What I really liked most about this post is that you outlined every flaw and result from having a certain way of thinking like doubt, or the false hope of getting more rewards with little to no work: it just won't cut it if you aren't fully committed to your business!

Not only that, you have provided us with some clear insights that serve as a mini guide to have an idea of what we can do with and after our training. Great stuff!

Thanks for sharing some awesome details Michael enjoy the rest of your week!

MElumir Premium
Hello sir.

Thank you so much for that great advice.

Im 4 months now at WA. but i did not earn any penny. But l still keep on hoping that one day my works will be rewarded.

Few question I hope you can help me.

1. you are good at auto email responder what is the best program for that.
2. how did you post attractive post at fb.
3. what is your success secret
4. what is the best tools to use in order to get good response.

thank you sorry for this long questions

mday849 Premium
1. I use for my landing pages and email autoresponder.
2. I use facebook ads. I don't actually post to a facebook page.
3. YouTube videos retargeting (cost pennies)
4. The only tool I use is the builder-all it has a landing page builder and email autoresponder.
MElumir Premium
is this free. I am still struggling with my finances.
MElumir Premium
sorry about that.
mday849 Premium
No its a software that they charge you monthly for like most others out there, but It is cheaper and better than all the rest. I used to use like 7 different softwares and was paying $429 a month which was ridiculous. Then I was having a conversation with another top affiliate and he introduced me to builder all it combined all those software into one suite for $29 to $49 depending on what you are wanting to do with the software. Its just like WA they charge monthly for you to host your sites and makes it easy to setup a wordpress site.
MElumir Premium
oK, that's very nice I will just find funds if my account will generate income for now. hopefully one day soon, somebody will get stumble to my account. But are there any trial versions with that program?
LisaBrack Premium
Yes, I noticed you could subscribe to all sorts of things and it would end up costing a small fortune, so I have deliberately stayed away from those options. Which payment option do you think gives the most value?
Paul1916 Premium
What an amazing journey – congrats to you – you deserve all the success you get!!!
A few questions if that is ok…
1, What plugin or platform do you recommend for the landing page? Do you get them automatically from the likes of Aweber / Getresponse? Or do you recommend to use something like click funnels?
2, Where can you source the “freebie” of value? Or do you write up something yourself and save it as a pdf file? Perhaps you can let us know where these free e books or free videos can be sourced please?
3, Finally, what kind of programs or software platforms do you recommend for making the videos – is it screencastomatic or something like that?

Many thanks in advance if you get the time to reply and well done again – also thanks so much for your inspirational post!!!
mday849 Premium
1.) I use for my landing pages and autoresponder.
2.) Many affiliate marketing programs will have this available if they don't you can create something up real quick and host it on or
3.) Yes, that is the exact software that I use there is a free version and a paid version. I have the paid version because it doesn't all for long videos like I like to create.
Paul1916 Premium
Many thanks - its much appreciated and best of luck in the year ahead!
Jody4 Premium
Congrats on your success!

One theme I see from those here at Wealthy Affiliate who are making life changing earnings is it takes immense work to achieve. I am trying to get myself up to a post a day. Working full-time is making this a challenge.

Can you impart how you achieved posting daily to your site and working on your email marketing while working full-time?

I know in my heart this is my launching pad to changing my life, any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Proud papa of two,

mday849 Premium
I stopped posting on my blog quite a while back. I find it easier to make money with YouTube traffic, Google/Facebook retargeting ads, and Facebook lookalike audiences. Try to get away from interest-based targeting on those platforms. Also, build out a landing page, thank you page and start collecting emails from those landing pages.
LisaBrack Premium
So, are you saying that you can either be an 'influencer' using your influence with your audience to sell product, or a youtuber and advertiser, which - in your case - is more lucrative?
CandP Premium
This is great news! We are very happy for you.
We know you have worked hard to achieve this and you have lit a fire under us! We are ready to start YouTube and have no fears of being on-camera. You are so right in that this has to be done.
All the best going forward,
C & P
jeanetteobas Premium
Congrats!! This is good info. I need to learn more about creating an email list and landing page. I've heard of this before but maybe i'm just not that far yet.
Thanks for sharing. This was an eye opener. I know I need to work hard to prove what I am doing is worth it.
I'm going to follow you for when I am ready. Maybe I can reach out to you for some pointers.
mday849 Premium
Yes please do or just shoot me a message on whatsapp if you like.
rolaman78 Premium
Lots of great nuggets in this post. What did I get from this post?? -- If you're willing to put in the work. Put in the time. Put in more work. Direct your efforts to, and through, the right channels. And Be consistent at all of the above. It will happen for you.

Great Post.

HeidiY Premium
Thank you so much for sharing this information, I need to work on my email sequences and get this happening.

You said you have had success with FB and TY ads, just wondering if you also use Bing and how you have found it?

I am just starting into PPC with Bing as per the training, I did get referrals but none going Premium, wondering if it is time to try FB.
mday849 Premium
To be honest I have never used Bing. I stick to a lot of YouTube ads to send traffic to landing page > setup facebook and google pixel on the landing page and thank you page for retargeting and segmenting. So that way if the person went to the landing page but didn't put in their email to get to the thank you page you can retarget them, later on, on google, facebook, and youtube sending them to a different landing page to try to capture them on a different landing page.
ericcantu Premium
Great post, brother, and nicely broken down! Keep up the good work!
Jeffaloo Premium
Crazy! Congratulations!
mmonterola Premium
Congratulations! Thanks for the information and inspiration.

RobbieS2 Premium
That's great! Congrats
Congratulations Mike! Great to hear from someone who's making a success and the how's.
I'm only 2 weeks into the WA training and just starting to build my first website, so trying to stay focused on that for now, but its good to understand how I can be more proactive as I go on.

I wish you even greater achievements for the future!


mday849 Premium
Awesome what is your niche going to be about for your site?
JonLake Premium
Wow Mike! That's awesome. Great info for both newbies and even us more experienced ones here. Sometimes it is nice to hear it taken back to basics.

Keep up the great work.

Jon and Debbie
nrlewis1 Premium
Congrats and thanks for the info!!
wideman Premium
Congratulations! Great valuable, actionable advice.
Eliz65 Premium
Congrats on your success! I’m in AWE. I appreciate your hard work and totally get the 10 or more hour days!

Your post has come at a great time for me as I have been thinking of trying some of the things you suggest here.

I now have a ‘blueprint’ to follow.
Thank you for sharing!
CheriJ1 Premium
Congratulations on your success, Michael. And THANK YOU for this highly informative post. I'm one of those new to all this and still at a bit of a loss when it comes to the whole email-marketing thing. You have broken it down so well, and you've definitely given me some "Aha!" insights. I appreciate very much that you took the time to share your knowledge.
Wishing you continued success!