Choose Your Words Wisely For Success!

Last Update: August 26, 2019

Choose Your Words Wisely for Success!!

Quite often I receive an email that there is a New Site Comment Iinterest Match. I go in and review the website only to find that there are spelling errors and or swearing within the site. I am immediately turned off by this and I do not want to read more, nor do I want to review the website or add comments.

Think about your readers out there, I am sure most people feel the same way as me. No one will appreciate a website that is poorly written with spelling mistakes and or swearing.

Choose your words wisely my friends and make sure you use the Spellcheck (ABC) every time you create a post or page or blog. You will be amazed at how much better your website will be received by your readers! It is so important to use Spellcheck.

If you Follow the Training you will Succeed and Create Great Posts!

Thank you for your Kind Attention to this very important matter!

Have a Great Successful Day!


Use Spellcheck - Check Grammar!!

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firstlearn Premium
A good share Susan.

Linda103 Premium
I agree. I leave the site without reviewing or reading further. Personally, I find swearing/bad language, to be very negative and it immediately puts me off.
Poor spelling and lack of grammar is also off putting. Once seen it can't be unseen and I certainly cannot supply a review then.
With all the tools available it is so unnecessary to create such posts.
Good post.
mcknisu Premium
Thanks Linda!
TonyJS Premium
Spot on, the only problem I have is the spelling is American and not English so got to do it externally!
Other than that it is an essential tool to use when creating any content, either on here or on your website.

Thanks for the post
mcknisu Premium
Thanks for you comment Tony!
Carson2 Premium
I appreciate your comments and will keep your info in mind when writing a blog.
mcknisu Premium
Thank you!!
Joachim222 Premium
Well said!

Quick question:
I've noticed how many people do not use apostrophe's when writing, and by that I mean saying "we are" instead of "we're". Is it detrimental to your page or rankings to say "we're"?

mcknisu Premium
I think it all depends on the context of your sentence, using spellcheck will correct that. I don't think it is detrimental, there are worse spelling and grammar errors out there. Thanks