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Choose Your Words Wisely for Success!!Quite often I receive an email that there is a New Site Comment Iinterest Match. I go in and review the website only to find that there are spelling errors and or swearing within the site. I am immediately turned off by this and I do not want to read more, nor do I want to review the website or add comments. Think about your readers out there, I am sure most people feel the same way as me. No one will appreciate a website that is poorly written with sp
I find it so interesting to read the profiles of the newest premium members. Our members are from all over the world and it is fascinating read about new people and to reach out to someone that lives on the other side of the world, or so it seems. We are so close to one another here in our community that it doesn't seem like we are all so far from one another. it really makes me smile to know my fellow WA Affiliates. I am very happy to be part of this community and reach out and touch base
Wow I did it! SAC Month 2 done! I can say that it was tough going but I made it and all the check marks got checked by end of day July 3. It was a challenge for sure as was month 1. I did procrastinate a bit and took a while getting started with month 2 so I ended up working my #@# OFF. I am going to tackle month 3 with a bit more diligence and not procrastinate on doing my tasks and spreading them out over the month. I have to say that I have learned so much over the past 2 months, it i
Don't Stop Till You Get Enough....Here at WA there is so much to learn and many possibilities and avenues to go. I am learning every day and I appreciate the camaraderie of WA fellow affiliates. Here we can find our passions and express them in our posts and our blogs. We can share our stories and help others to learn from our mistakes. This is the best learning experience for me. Being at WA has kick started my brain and I will be eternally grateful for this. My advice to any newbies out
June 20, 2019
So WA is some Serious Business and if you don't think so... you probably shouldn't be here? I watch some comments on chat from members wanted to quit...and I wish I could help them more... other than tell them where to cancel their membership...but unfortunately we cannot decide for others what to do. Have they really tried hard? Have they done all of the FREE training and the step by step tasks in order to get the BIG Picture of what is really offered here?WA offers Serious Training here and
June 17, 2019
Hi everyone, I am so thankful for the WA Community support that has helped me move forward and step out of my comfort zone to learn so much and work towards my goal of building a successful online business. I am learning more and more every day and I am thankful for all the great training! I am also thankful to be part of the Super Affiliate Challenge and I wanted to share some positive thoughts with anyone that is struggling as a newbie.Reach for the Rainbow, Keep The Faith, Try Your Best
WA means everything to me and us all. We really are a Team of Greatness. It did not take me long to realize that what I was learning with WA was all due to the great Training and the Amazing WA Community of people. WA helped bring me out of my social media shell and my comfort zone .and I realized that I could learn more by helping others, by communicating with my Fellow Affiliates. And the communication with my Fellow Affiliates is really one of the keys to the learning and the retention o
For some reason i have had a slow week and I felt i had lost my MOJO big time. I was stuck and not able to do anything. My rank went way down and i was lost for a bit. I guess we are all HUMAN and sometimes we just cant do it all. We cant be everything and everywhere to everyone. Sometimes life just gets in the way and i am not Superwoman....yet. lolBut.... I am getting my MOJO back and i am getting back on track. I know that i have the WA community to rely on to keep on track. We all
May 20, 2019
OMG did I scream that LOUD enough? OK so it TAKES A VILLAGE to get things done sometimes and to get motivated and to learn new skills. I am very happy to report on the completion of my first month of SAC. I did complete all tasks although like many others I may not have been on chat every day. It takes a plan to get into the RHYTHM of being on chat but once you get into it... it really is pretty easy. I love helping others and this platform is the best for that. I would like to congrat
HI Fellow Affiliates, We are nearing the end of the 1St month of our SAC Training! I just wanted to let everyone know how much i am enjoying being part of the WA Community and i admire all of you that are working so hard, not to mention some fellow affiliates who are moving up the ladder within the community which is so very amazing! We are in a great place and a great time and we are all very lucky that Kyle and Carson had a dream and acted on it. We can all do the same and follow their le