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March 21, 2018
Well I have been here for awhile and have not had any real success. Because of that I have started right back at square one. One thing that I have always not really liked is writing these blog posts so last time when I went through the course I pretty much ignore this part of the training. So this time I am not skipping anything. I chose the marijuana niche this time. Right now the articles that I have written for the site are just information articles with no emphasis on selling anything.
June 15, 2016
To be an ambassador at Wealthy Affiliate requires a person to really get involved in the community. You get ranked by how active you are in the community. To be active in the community means that you are posting in your profile, answering other members questions and maybe even creating some training modules for other members.This sounds all well and good but I have noticed that some people really work at being an ambassador so they will "help" other members out when they do not know the answer
February 15, 2016
Is it just me or have you also noticed lately that some of the new members here at WA get awfully upset when they are not earning money right away. They sign up and straight away jump on Live Chat and start complaining. Instead of looking around and clicking on obvious buttons like Get Started Here they seem to want to be spoon fed the information.Don't get me wrong I am all for helping someone but really maybe if they just took two seconds and stared at the page and actually read some of it
Last Monday we had a young guy come to the door and asked if we had received a parcel from the post office. He said he had just been there and they told him they had delivered it to us. We hadn't received our mail yet so we did not have the parcel. We live in the country so our postal lady drives one of those right hand drive trucks. Anyway a few minutes later she arrives with a parcel addressed to my husband from Best Buy. We had not ordered anything from there. She then told us that a y
So I have been following the OEC Course and right now I am on Course Four. This is where we are asked to write a blog and share our experiences and success so far here at WA. I am really kind of stuck. So far I have worked at this for the last 7 plus months and I really don't think I am closer to earning money online then I was 7 months ago. I do have a website up and I have been doing the social thing through pinterest, twitter and Google+ I try and write good content and I have been takin
September 04, 2015
I was doing some comments on sites today through the new comment section. I know we do not have control over the sites that we leave comments on but I really hate getting articles to comment on that are Reviews for WA.As a member of WA of course I love this place but when asking for comments on a review should I say I am a member of WA?Today I was given a site and the article to review was on WA. I always like to check any comments that were already left to see what other people felt about th
August 30, 2015
So I decided that down the road I may want some feedback on my site and in order to get feedback I need to give feedback.Of course there are rules to follow and one of them is your feedback needs to be a certain length.I really find this a rather funny rule. The first site that I was given had less content on it than I was suppose to leave in my feedback comment.I realize that some people that are starting out are anxious to get feedback but you need to be a bit patient and put some meaningful
August 17, 2015
Well I have been here for about 5 months now and although I thought I would be further on I am happy with my progress. I did have some health issues which slowed me down but they are now over with. After 3 mammograms and one biopsy I am A-OK. I started out in one niche and then kinda went blank. My true passion is animals so I finally chose an better niche for me - dogs of course. I now understand why you should choose something you are passionate about because I have no problem with conten
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Getting these pics was not easy. Every time I got near them they would take off. I have raised all these ducks but I have never hand raised them. I have always wanted them to be wary of people just in case some one every tried to grab them. After I got these pics momma then took the little one in the pond. Then she left her there. Although the baby was quite safe in the pond I was concerned at this behaviour. But I have learned from past mistakes that they usually do know what they are doi
So yesterday afternoon I went out to top up the duck's food dishes and give them clean water. I have two females nesting, one upstairs and one downstairs. I went to check on the one upstairs and as I rounded the corner to open the door there was the tiniest little duckling I have every seen. Momma was nowhere to be seen. I scooped the duckling up and we went to find momma. We found her and mom and baby were reunited. Foxy(my female duck) is about 4 years old and this is the first time she