Maybe Success Is Not For Everyone

Last Update: October 28, 2015

So I have been following the OEC Course and right now I am on Course Four. This is where we are asked to write a blog and share our experiences and success so far here at WA. I am really kind of stuck. So far I have worked at this for the last 7 plus months and I really don't think I am closer to earning money online then I was 7 months ago.

I do have a website up and I have been doing the social thing through pinterest, twitter and Google+ I try and write good content and I have been taking advantage of the comment feature here at WA.

The problem is I cannot seem to get any of my keywords to rank. If it wasn't for this community I would not have any visitors to my site. So I do thank WA community for that.

So this is where I am right now with trying to earn money online. I said earlier that I have been at this for several months but that is only here at WA. I have been trying for years to make money online and right now I just don't see it happening.

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KatieMac Premium
I think success is for everyone who seeks it , this might help lift you
Dmorrow Premium
Hi Brownie. I understand your frustration. Keywords and SEO is a difficult part of this business. I don't know if you saw it but Jewell did a very helpful post on how to choose good keywords: Also, PJGermain has been helpful in this regard: Maybe a little extra study on the subject would help. Also, I see that you have more than one page going. I applaud your effort but, I wonder, if you might want to focus on one of those pages and really work on building it out until you see success there and then going back and bringing your other pages up. There is so much to learn here and I really don't think 7 months or, sometimes, even a year is long enough. There is the issue of having backlinks on the pages to keep people on your site once they are much to learn and do!
I suggest you give it some more time and effort - nothing really good comes without really hard effort - especially in the beginning. Don't give up just yet.

fmwaniki Premium
Hello MBrownie,the fact that you have not being able to make money for those months should not be a reason to feel that you are not successful.As you go on with the training you will land in to other possible ways of making cash apart from the blogs.Just give yourself time and every thing will fall in to place.Success does not come in one day,mean while continue building up your site and i wish you all the best.
MBrownie Premium
Thanks Fidelis for your words of encouragement - Maureen