The Bad Things About The Holidays

Last Update: December 20, 2015

Last Monday we had a young guy come to the door and asked if we had received a parcel from the post office. He said he had just been there and they told him they had delivered it to us. We hadn't received our mail yet so we did not have the parcel. We live in the country so our postal lady drives one of those right hand drive trucks.

Anyway a few minutes later she arrives with a parcel addressed to my husband from Best Buy. We had not ordered anything from there. She then told us that a young man had stopped her and asked for the parcel and produced a Driver's Licence with his picture on it but my husband's name and address. She told him that she knew my husband and if he wanted to follow her to our place and if my husband wanted to give him the package then fine.

Needless to say he did not follow. Seems he used my husband credit card online and ordered from Best Buy. Police said they are doing this everywhere. They try and intercept at the Post Office but they do go to homes and actually convince some people to give them the parcel. How they do this is beyond me since the parcel is address to the homeowner.

Now since it was ordered online the police want to know the IP address from where it was ordered but Best Buy will not give them that information unless my husband says it is OK. So he had to email them and request that they give the police access. That was three days ago and they have not yet responded.

I am not impressed with the customer service at Best Buy. You think they would want to put a stop to this type of thing and would co-operate with police or at least give a quicker response then they have.

So please check your credit cards for any purchases to make sure they are yours. The card compromised is the only one I did not have registered online so I did not check it like I do the others. Be Safe!


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krazykat Premium
Yes! Thank you for this reminder.
It is certainly a high crime time of year, and we can get caught up in the joy of the season and forget that.
All the best to you!
Mimi-CU Premium
Not good ato all. Hope you have a better rest of the season. This is definitely not what this season should be about :(