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Last Update: August 17, 2015

Well I have been here for about 5 months now and although I thought I would be further on I am happy with my progress. I did have some health issues which slowed me down but they are now over with. After 3 mammograms and one biopsy I am A-OK.

I started out in one niche and then kinda went blank. My true passion is animals so I finally chose an better niche for me - dogs of course. I now understand why you should choose something you are passionate about because I have no problem with content for this site.

I am following the certification course for now and I am finding it quite easy to follow. Although sometimes I do get confused.

One aspect of WA that I enjoy is Jay's webinars. I find them mostly useful but sometimes they can be confusing, depending on where you are in the course. It is good that they are recorded so when I get further on and understand what he was saying I can re-listen to them.

I find the members here very helpful. When I get more knowledgeable I would like to help out more but for now when I see what some people are asking it is usually what I am wondering about also.

I have yet to earn any money but I feel it is just a matter of time. I work at this every day and I truly enjoy it so what could be better.

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PansyB Premium
Hi MBrownie,
I do like your spirit. I agree with you too that the community is truly helpful. It is a real family. That is how I feel. Just keeping on keeping the work on.
Wishing you much success.