Leaving Feedback

Last Update: August 30, 2015

So I decided that down the road I may want some feedback on my site and in order to get feedback I need to give feedback.

Of course there are rules to follow and one of them is your feedback needs to be a certain length.

I really find this a rather funny rule. The first site that I was given had less content on it than I was suppose to leave in my feedback comment.

I realize that some people that are starting out are anxious to get feedback but you need to be a bit patient and put some meaningful content on your site first.

Starting an online business starts with your website. It is not a race. Yes some people are much quicker than others but you need to take the time and follow what Kyle is telling you if you want to eventually have a successful business.

There are people in here that have joined after me and are now making money. Does that bother me? Not really because I know I am slow at things and I am following the course so success is near.

So please people take your time and do it right - stop rushing.

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KatieMac Premium
I agree, we all have out own pace and if your quite new takes a bit of time to understand the comment process
phoenix2 Premium
I agree, You need to go at your own speed. Don't worry about what anyone else is doing.
copperdell Premium
Totally agree with you on this
Do not worry about others
Go your speed, get things right
Ask for help if needed.