Twenty Tales That'd Torture Thanksgiving Tasters Thursday.

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Hey Everyone,

Traditionally, Thanksgiving is a time when families gather together for warmth and gratitude, but let's imagine a darker, more mysterious side to the holiday.

Here are twenty Thanksgiving Day tales that might torture the senses of even the most seasoned tasters:

1. "The Haunted Harvest Feast:

A family discovers that the vegetables they harvested for Thanksgiving dinner are cursed. Anyone who eats them becomes possessed by vengeful spirits.

2. The Turkey that Gobbled Souls:

A sinister farmer raises a turkey that, when cooked, unleashes a curse that steals the souls of those who partake in the Thanksgiving meal.

3. The Abandoned Cabin:

A group of friends decides to celebrate Thanksgiving in an old, abandoned cabin. Little do they know, the cabin holds a dark secret that awakens on this night.

4. The Ghostly Pilgrims:

A family sets a place at the table for their long-lost ancestors, pilgrims who mysteriously disappeared during the first Thanksgiving.

5. The Cranberry Curse:

A town's cranberry bog holds a dark secret, and those who consume the cursed cranberries suffer strange and horrifying consequences.

6. The Haunting Hymns:

A family gathers for Thanksgiving dinner, and as they sing a hymn of gratitude, they unwittingly summon vengeful spirits seeking revenge for forgotten promises.

7. The Living Cornstalks:

A farmer's cornfield comes to life on Thanksgiving night, with cornstalk creatures seeking revenge on those who trampled their kin during the harvest.

8. The Enchanted Pumpkin Pie:

A magical pumpkin pie grants the wishes of those who eat it but exacts a terrible price for its favors.

9. The Ghostly Gourds:

A family's decorative gourds become possessed, and each gourd represents a spirit seeking closure for an unresolved Thanksgiving tragedy.

10. The Sinister Silverware:

A family inherits antique silverware with a dark history, and on Thanksgiving night, the utensils take on a life of their own, causing havoc.

11. The Turkey Trot Curse:

A small town's annual Thanksgiving Turkey Trot race turns deadly as participants are cursed to run endlessly, unable to stop until sunrise.

12. The Wandering Wicker Man:

A mysterious wicker man appears at the center of a Thanksgiving celebration, and those who approach it vanish without a trace.

13. The Disappearing Feast:

A family prepares an elaborate Thanksgiving feast, but as they sit down to eat, the food begins to vanish mysteriously, leaving them hungry and bewildered.

14. The Ghostly Gravy Boat:

A family inherits a haunted gravy boat that serves up a spectral gravy with a taste that transports diners to the afterlife.

15. The Phantom Pies:

A baker discovers a recipe for pies that are said to grant visions of the future, but the visions reveal dark and unsettling events.

16. The Cursed Cornucopia:

A family receives a magical cornucopia that produces endless food, but each item carries a curse that brings misfortune to those who consume it.

17. The Spirit of the Pumpkin Patch:

The spirit of a deceased pumpkin farmer rises on Thanksgiving night, seeking revenge for the destruction of his beloved pumpkin patch.

18. The Harvest Moon Ritual:

A group of friends decides to hold a Thanksgiving celebration under the light of the harvest moon, awakening ancient spirits with a taste for chaos.

19. The Sirens of the Stuffing:

A peculiar stuffing recipe beckons diners to a mystical realm, where they become entrapped by otherworldly beings with a taste for human company.

20. The Forgotten Feast:

An entire town mysteriously forgets the existence of Thanksgiving, leading to the awakening of an ancient curse that threatens to erase the holiday from memory forever."

This list was created with the assistance of ChatGPT. I found all twenty tales to be very bizarre yet interesting.

We're not done yet.

Let's play a game. Pick a numbered tale and leave a comment. It could be one word or in Partha's case 2000 words. Hahahaha!

For example, I picked number 8 : I ate a slice of pie already, made a wish and I'm still phat. Look at cover image.

Tasters please don't overeat!πŸ™‚

Thank you for reading. And, Happy Thanksgiving Thursday.

Maxine :)

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Your strange stories remind me of a book I'm reading about a mysterious hermit who lived in the woods in a cabin he built himself and made dire predictions about the future of humanity. You've provided some great ideas for someone wanting to write a dark story.

Personally, I'm drawn to the cranberry bog, and what secrets it might reveal.

Lots of ideas for someone who wants to write about the mythical and macabre.

Yep yep yep, Fran.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Maxine :)

Great stuff Maxine and a very Happy Thanksgiving for you and the family my friend! :-)

Hi Jessie - THANK YOU!


Maxine :)

Much appreciated my friend! :-)

Wow, Maxine. 😬

I eat so much on Thanksgiving that I wouldn't even have a chance of surviving it! Lol 😎

Happy Thanksgiving! πŸ¦ƒ
Frank 🎸

You're not wrong there Frank!!

Take it easy this year buddy!!


Haha, I never learn, Nick! Lol πŸ˜‚

Frank 🀘🎸

In other words, you wouldn't know what brought you down, Frank!



Maxine :)

Well... there's always next year Frank!!


Haha, it's like that every year, Maxine! 😎😎

Frank 🎸

And, hopefully, the year after that, Nick! 😎🀣

Frank 🀘🎸

Happy to see that you have made it through unscathed this year my friend!!

Have a Rockin' weekend!!


Only the strong survives, Frank.πŸ™‚πŸ™

You're not wrong there Maxine and Frank is made of some very strong stuff!! :-)

He's made of love, Nick! Nothing is stronger than that.

Maxine :)

I certainly can't disagree with you there my friend!! :-)

You too, Nick! πŸ˜ŽπŸ»πŸΉπŸ‘

True! 😎

It’s my Italian genes that make me an eating machine, Nick! πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

Thanks, Maxine! πŸ™

Frank 🎸


Cheers Frank!


It's my English genes that make me a drinking machine Frank!!


Thanks, Nick! 😎

Frank 🀘🎸🍻

Hahaha 🀣

You can’t fight genetics, Nick, so enjoy! 😎🍻🍻🍷🍹🍸

Frank 🀘🎸

Np :)

Always buddy!


Number 15 speaks to me, Maxine. I take a bite of pie and instantly revealed is a future of endless traffic; so much that I can't begin to handle it all, and eventually, I die laughing clothed in a gold sequined jacket like Elvis would wear.

Also, all commissions go to baker after. your happy death, Dave. Hahahaha.

Of course! πŸ˜„


Very awesome, indeed, Maxine. as well as some stellar alliteration!

Happy Thanksgiving!πŸ¦ƒ


Thank you?, Professor Jeff.

Happy Thanksgiving@

Maxine :)πŸ™

Haha, Maxine! You are very welcome, and again.......very well done!




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