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Hey Beautiful People,Yes! Stand up and paddle boards to navigate from point A to point B as you journey through life with hope and courage.On the surface, this concept may seem a wee bit awkward. However, many successful and beautiful people have embraced it as a way of life.This is not a joke! Real people do real things and win if they are persistent.Let me explain further.Boards are like major projects or goals that must be accomplished. And, the paddling is what real people do to get the pro
Hey Everyone,How to have a winning mindset requires focus, attention, and time to blossom in the right way.For example, you may want to start a business making baskets for different occasions. Mother's Day is coming soon and you want to make a difference. Here's what to do:1. Focus on gathering everything you want to put in each basket.2. Pay attention to how items are placed in each basket.3. Wrap it up with clear bag and pull bow. See how it blossoms.This is one simple idea not necessaril
Hello Everyone,How are you on this bright and sunny Tuesday morning? I hope you are all faring well.As for me, I am doing well. But, I have a million personal things to do at a turtle's pace.Standing in a long long line to be COVID tested is one of them. As a matter of fact, the whole family is going because cases were found at the school. To be on the safe side, testing has to be done to rule out possible exposure to that pesty COVID-19.I am doing this Wealthy Affiliate blog now because later
Happy Saturday Everyone,Today, I would like to share a little poem, after the gardener accidentally chopped down my favorite sugarapple fruit tree.The title of the poem is "Seeds and Fruits Are Everywhere"."Seeds and Fruits are EverywhereReach them with a StretchTo the North, South, East, and WestUntil you get an ample ShareAvocadoes, Mangoes, and Sugarapples fruitAre certainly a healthy Fetch.WA blogs, Jay Webinars, Trainings, and Premium Plus VideosAre more of the RestSelect whenever you need
Hey Everyone,I am always supportive of doing what's right especially dealing with affiliate programs. Rules are set to protect all parties I presume.What started out as a normal Saturday, even with an island wide power interruption for hours, I remained cool because stuffy things do happen without notice. Which brings me to the point I want to make about Google Adsense. They have placed ad serving limits on my health site twice and repeatedly stated my MMO site is not ready. Friday evening I re
September 21, 2021
Hey Everyone,My birthday wish has been granted. I am wearing a beautiful crown for a queen because of an upgrade to Premium Plus.Is this a strategic move? Yes, it is!You shouldn't promote anything without proper knowledge and first hand experience. So, I am checking out Premium Plus for myself even if it's for a spell.As an online business owner I am looking for more "bang for my buck" and expect to be wowed by the features.Black Friday is right around the corner and I need to be able to promot
September 15, 2021
Yes. Whether it's good or bad, Everything You Do Matters. A smile could lift someone's spirit. Where as, a frown could pull someone down with despair.That's why you should treat people with kindness and respect at all times. Better spirited people lead to a better world.How you climb upwards is very crucial, because if you should fall, you will meet those same people on the way down.So, what should be key is helping people to be happy.How does this relate to Wealthy Affiliate anyway?I am referr
September 06, 2021
Happy Labor Day Everyone!This is meant for those who celebrate the holiday around the world.Some people use this time to have fun by frolicking on their favorite beach.Others are not that fortunate because they have to work.Whatever the circumstance, enjoy every moment.Ever wondered, "Why did the scarecrow get promoted?" I'll give you a minute to figure it out.Ready?"She was "outstanding" in her field." We have our work to do. But, it is healthy to enjoy a good laugh or to share humor with fami
Hey WA friends,When I received the notification that my article was Google indexed on Valentine's Day Eve, I accepted it as an early #valentinesdaygift from Google.Also, my article, "Are Colon Polyps Cancerous?" is a gift to everyone because it encourages folks with specific issues and who are fifty years and older to get screened for colon polyps to prevent colectoral cancer. Please take time to read this article and do share it with family and friends. Let's save lives one by one.I published
Hey WA Friends,Yes. It's my 18th monthiversary with Wealthy Affiliate. I am grateful to be here still plugging along.Let's face it. This journey is for those who choose to overcome obstacles along the way. You should never just give up though.i know you don't make sales right away because some affiliate programs like Google Adsense requires that you meet a minimum payment threshold to get paid.I joined Google Adsense with trickling traffic in around March 2019 and each month money was added to