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Hey WA friends,When I received the notification that my article was Google indexed on Valentine's Day Eve, I accepted it as an early #valentinesdaygift from Google.Also, my article, "Are Colon Polyps Cancerous?" is a gift to everyone because it encourages folks with specific issues and who are fifty years and older to get screened for colon polyps to prevent colectoral cancer. Please take time to read this article and do share it with family and friends. Let's save lives one by one.I published
Hey WA Friends,Yes. It's my 18th monthiversary with Wealthy Affiliate. I am grateful to be here still plugging along.Let's face it. This journey is for those who choose to overcome obstacles along the way. You should never just give up though.i know you don't make sales right away because some affiliate programs like Google Adsense requires that you meet a minimum payment threshold to get paid.I joined Google Adsense with trickling traffic in around March 2019 and each month money was added to
Hey WAfamily,Have you heard from our favorite penquin, Fleeky One?Too many days have gone by without her loving and kind presence about the platform. Fleeky One has helped so many of us with her creativity. I just want to reach out to make sure that she is safe and to say hello.For 2020, let us lookout for each other. By doing so, our community bonds will be stronger. Making money online is one thing. Long lasting friendship is another.I would choose Fleeky One over money any day because friend
Hey WAffiliates,After feeding breakfast to my ravenous family, I slipped away to write this article. Hahahaha!How are things with you on the 7th day of 2020? I am plugging along as usual. I have one question for you though:"Is there a sunny side up from doing nothing?"Think about it for a bit.From my end, "Yeah, there is. And it's not about frying eggs."Rather, it's about accepting where you are, knowing where you want to go and using those ideas as leverage to crawl out a self made dark hole
New Year's Greetings to All,This is the first day of the year and I am very excited to share some great news. Normally I would wait until I return home at my desk. But, I feel like blogging on the spot. So, here reporting from Frederiksted, St. Croix Virgin Islands at my family's home.The family gathered together to share a meal and small conversation.Just talking about starting a new website with fruit baskets, I made $20 in about 20 minutes from one family member with others t
Hey everyone,The last 2 days for 2019 are Monday, New Year's Eve Eve, and Tuesday, New Year's Eve. Soon 2019 will be no more. Make sure before the crossover into a new decade 2020, you have written down doable WA goals.Why?If you don't write them down, chances are, just as you thought about them, they would probably fade from your mind.Whose fault would that be? I think you know the answer to this question.Yes, it would be YOURS. SET SIMPLE GOALSSome people panic when they have to set goals be
Hey everyone,Sending you a teddy bear hug and love greetings with compliments of the season on this joyous occasion--post Christmas time.In a couple days, 2019 will be gone and 2020 will be ushered in with brilliant clarity.Remember to have your 2020 game plan for Wealthy Affiliate locked and ready to roll in high gear. This journey is not necessarily for the swift. It is for who can endure to the end with certified affiliate marketing success.Perseverance, passion, patience and persistence are
Hey Everyone,Christmas comes once s year.And, this is a time when families should share gifts because they love each other..That's why I am sharing my freshly picked avocadoes and little wheelchair.Follow my lead to receive gifts:1/ Grab and go with as many freshly picked avocadoes as you need. 🥑🥑🥑🥑2/ Install the little wheelchair to be ADA compliant with Fleeky's training below: want you to healt
December 22, 2019
Hey WAfamily,So nice of you to stop by as I celebrate making it to the Top 200, again!Also, enjoy the holiday season and the upcoming New Year 2020.Focus on your goals and make your WA journey a great one.Blessings always,Maxine❤🙏
December 21, 2019
Hey everyone,Before you know it, the family members who you love the most are gone.Life goes so fast, you don't get a chance to say meaningful goodbyes.This happened when my Uncle Grover passed away on Friday the 13th, December 2019.He was suffering for a long time. Now, he is resting in peace.This holiday season has given me mixed feelings about how life goes and comes.Although the loss of Uncle Grover, Alberic Georges, brings sadness, on the other hand, the arrival of my newest granddaugther