Good golly gosh! Am I actually making progress?

Last Update: May 11, 2017


Today I'm feeling pretty good. As you may have seen my previous updates I am usually a little despondent about my whole journey thus far.

I recently completed a preview post for a very popular upcoming piece of music software, and did my keywords research and this time checked out the competition better and was feeling pretty good about how it looked read and 'felt'.

The next day, I performed my usual ritual of checking analytics etc and I could not believe my eyes. That post was at position 2 according to search Console. Not unusual, but quite unreliable you may think, but never the less in a little more than 24 hours I have ten organic search clicks.

I am still in a little bit of disbelief and I have also had my first 3 subscribers on my auto responder.

All this in less than 4 months. Ok, no money yet, but I can feel the tide is turning. It just proves that if you keep at it, and learn from your early mistakes, that ranking is possible. Even if I can't find my ranking, I must be due to all those clicks.

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That is really great, congratulations.

Thanks! :)

Congratulations! So glad to read it!! :-)

Thank you :)

Great to hear! Keeps me excited about moving forward!

I'm very glad that it is keeping you motivated. There are times I lose my motivation too, but I kept my nerve and pushed through it. The one major change I put in place was to read the top article on SERP. So I saw what I had to try and out rank.

well in mate, sounds complicated tho

It does sound very complex, granted. When you boil it down though, it's not.what I would suggest is this:

Find a low hanging fruit keyword below 100 competition.
Go to Google and look at the top couple of sites.
Do a word count of the article and
take notice of their use of video and images.
Try to beat the word count and find and create a video with a very similar keyword or subject.

That's my refined process.

Hope that helps.

Hi Matt, really well done! Takes a while to build firm foundations. But if you have faith in yourself and your work and keep going, a tweek here and there and Bingo... look what happens! Keep going with a smile, Sue :)

Thanks Sue!! Exciting times!


good to hear!

Thanks :)

Congrats and stay with the process it does work.

It really does. I have certainly had doubts about my ability to follow the steps correctly, so I was very careful to follow things to the letter.

It only takes one person to make your first sale.

It certainly does! If only someone would click!!! Lol. I'm looking into improving my cta placement and overall style. Maybe links aren't obvious enough.

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