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If you have used Instagram or are a member of groups on Facebook about making money etc online, you will more than likely come across a few folks whose every post is a picture of a case full of cash, an airplane, a bugatti or similarly impressive vehicle. Then a big old quote in fancy writing from a very wealthy successful businessperson. I don't know about you, but it infuriates me. It is disingenuous. Success isn't measured in stuff. Its measured in happiness. If you are unhappy, but you
Throughout my life I`ve struggled with depression, caused by different factors. One of the symptoms of this for me is that I have a what I call a "wave pattern" so called given its similarity to our planets tidal motions.My highs or lows can last minutes, hours, days, weeks or months. I have no idea when or where they will strike and quite often, I don`t even realise what "pattern" I am currently in, and its only when someone says to me: Are you OK? You seem a little distant.My aim for at lea
The online world is full of opportunities. Some you`ve come across might seem far too good to be true, possibly been burned before too, and since you are reading this, you may well be asking yourself ‘Should I Join Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member?’I think you should, but let me elaborate WHY I say this.If you are looking For Money Making schemes online, there are usually a few things they have in common: The hard sell. They are so pushy , you start to feel a little alienated
This is a quandary that has completely flummoxed me for the longest time.The basic principle is very clear, to do x y and z to find out who my customer is and to understand their motivations, but the how still manages to escape me.I would still very much consider myself a beginner in this field and at the moment I feel a little bit like I am drowning in information. Right now, my customer is (I think) as follows:17-35On a smaller budgetsinger/songwriterlooking to record mix and release their
Today I'm feeling pretty good. As you may have seen my previous updates I am usually a little despondent about my whole journey thus far.I recently completed a preview post for a very popular upcoming piece of music software, and did my keywords research and this time checked out the competition better and was feeling pretty good about how it looked read and 'felt'. The next day, I performed my usual ritual of checking analytics etc and I could not believe my eyes. That post was at position 2
Hey there folks, Before I start my little update, I would just like to say thanks to everyone that has helped when I asked and even those who have helped when I didnt ask. Your input and advice in regards to my site and content have been utterly invaluable.I have been at WA just over 3 months, and I am starting to understand a lot more about keywords etc that I must have either missed or not understood first time round within the training.With that in mind, I have been going round to my older
Hey there Folks,Today I hit what I feel is a massive milestone. I got an actual comment!! From a non WA er!!!! Of course, there is a catch, and that is that he points out a technical error in my article. Fair play, it was about gain staging being treated as an after thought and not a main idea and I agree! Cannot believe I missed such a glaring omission. I accepted the comment and responded thanking him for the info and advising I will adjust the article. Bitter sweet, I suppose you could
April 12, 2017
Just over 3 months here (and just under 3 months with my website) and I am starting to realise that I have gone about things in a totally haphazard way. I have written posts as and when I can, snatching any moment to write a bit here and there.I don`t have to tell you why this is silly. I have not approached my website like a job, more like a hobby and now I am just starting to see some traction on social media, I need some structure to my week to help me to schedule my time. Whats involved?So,
Hey there all, I have a few points I would like to run by you.As you may know a couple of blogs ago I mentioned that I have had a request to do a blog post, which I have now finished and they are absolutely thrilled with, and they have now asked me to do a regular, fortnightly article.They have also sent me over a press kit and asked that I repost their blog posts on social media and I should pass my articles onto them and they will do the same to be "mutually beneficial" They are quite a popu
One of the things that has always frustrated me is my ability to learn and retain information.I can sit down for hours and read a book from cover to cover and retain almost none of it, and this got me thinking back to my school days and a technique I learnt from a teacher of mine.What will help you learn depends on your psychological make up. Some of us are visual learners, some learn best by doing and others are good at learning through listening.I am most certainly in the listening camp, so