Help! My site is blocked by Bing. How to get out of Bing jail?

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I hope someone has been in this situation and knows how to help.

Recently I decided to check on my Bing indexing and was unpleasantly surprised.

I registered with Bing, verified my site, submitted a site map and Fetched posts. Tried to look at index results and keywords - nothing, zero, nada.

After several attempts to resubmit the sitemap or verify again I googled a bit about it.

Found out that Bing might be actively blocking me and that it can be because of some false positive test done by their bot.

I wrote to their support and after couple of days got the following:

I was kind of shocked. My website is in a great relationship with Google (the peak day last Monday was 14K page views, all from organic traffic), I run Google AdSense, I'm Amazon associate, no issues whatsoever. Why Bing is blocking me?

As I'm technically challenged to read their guides, I decided to contact our Site Support team here. They checked and told me that the problem is with the pop-up ads I have on my website.

Here is their reply:

I insert AdSense units in my posts manually, where I need a break in the text wall. In addition to AdSense I use another network, that provides tiny slide-in ads on the bottom of each page.

I can't say that Support is wrong, but I'm not sure this is the right answer as well. If I was indexed before ads and then removed, that would be reasonable explanation.
Actually, I don't think I was EVER indexed by Bing, not even before I've started using ads.

That's why I really feel lost here. Google is the major engine and it "likes" me, so I'm not in too bad situation. But Bing has its share that I'm sad to lose.

Any experience you have to share about Bing, deindexing, ads etc?

Thank you in advance


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Sorry to read of that, I did never encounter this problem,
probably you are using to promote your website with Google much more than Bing, and there's a conflict of interest,
and Bing doesn't want you to take that traffick Source away from them,
*I recommend cloning your website, with a new domain, and a new email ( Bing email)(Hotmail)...*

or someone/software that improves CEO put an algorithm code in your WordPress Site which doesn't allow Bing to crawl so automatically goes against theirs standard and it's become a violation.

Hope you get true that and soon it's all


Hi, Mary that would be, a little upsetting.

Just looking at it the domain name that you are using may have some baggage with it.

Have a look at the Image.

We can check using the way back machine,

Which will give an archive history of instances of that domain name, looking at the image from 2011 looks kind of spammy, so possibly was carrying some baggage.

I would resubmit your site map and also get hold of bing support. And also check out their terms of reference, which may be helpful.

Hope this helps just coming from a different angle.

Hi Mary, sorry to hear about this situation. 14K page views with google is great.

Bing does count and I hope you are able you get them back.

I wish I could help.

Wishing you the best,

Thanks Michael.
I think I'm giving up for a while.

Hi Mary, perhaps not giving up but putting certain things in a holding pattern.
Wishing you well,

Bing Bada Bing! Just as well they are not the dominant search engine.

I don't even check my views so I am not best for giving advice. I hope you get this resolved in good time Mary.



Look, Bing has some traffic to it. But not as important as Google.
Money from ads is probably better than questionable traffic from MAYBE indexing with Bing.

Why not remove the slide in ads temporarily and see if that makes a difference. It's worth a try.

Hi Linda,
I thought about it and I think I prefer the money I get from ads over the MAYBE indexing by Bing.
They don't pay money, you know. And they are not Google by traffic volume.

Seems like a good exchange.

Very sorry to read about this ordeal with bing.
Incidentally, I have not been dealing with them since I only got my sites indexed by Google yesterday.
But from your presentation here, I think you should consider Yvette'so suggestion.
I wish you all the best.

Look, it's the money question.
What's worth more - the money I'm making from ads OR
maybe being indexed by Bing (no money in it)
For now, I'll stay with the money. Especially when it's not confirmed that the ads are the problem at all.

I wish you every success you desire. Segun

Maybe just try to uninstall some widgets or HTML codes in your theme header and see it after how many days if it will change.

If our Site Support is indicating your site is not being indexed by Bing because of ads through Infolinks, is there a way to deactivate the Infolinks ads ? Since you have AdSense, is it necessary to have Infolinks as well? I don't have Infolinks on my site. Therefore, I'm not familiar how you'd deactivate them.

I'm wondering if you can deactivate the Infolinks ads then submit another sitemap to Bing - just to see if it makes any difference - if that will help. I understand how you wouldn't want to deactivate Infolinks if you have a great amount of income from that source. However, if you deactivate Infolinks, it may even be a good idea to reach out to Bing again to let the know of the changes you've made. Just some thoughts. I hope you get this sorted out soon.

Kind regards,

I'm not even sure what Infolinks means. My guess was it's the slide-in ads, but I'm not sure..
I'll keep it as is for a while, as there are still some after peak traffic coming and I don't want to lose income. When it dies out, I might try to disable.
Wrote Bing another email meanwhile

I hope Bing comes through for you this time. I thought Infolinks was something you had to activate but I may be incorrect about that. Wishing you all the best.

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