Interpreting Keyword Results

Last Update: Mar 18, 2017


Which of the following keyword results for an article would be best to use and why?

This first result has a lot of searches and traffic, but also a good bit of competition.

Keywords #1: Increase the Volume

Searches - 8867

Traffic - 1508

Competition - 288

Article Power - 8.8

PPC Power - 7.3

Keywords #2: What is an Amp Plug?

This result has less searches and traffic, but hardly any competition.

Searches - 125

Traffic - 22

Competition - 1

Article Power - 8

PPC Power - 7.05

This article is about practicing the guitar too loud and upsetting family and neighbors. There is a solution - using an amp plug which is a device that connects to the guitar and uses headphones so the guitarist hears what he/she is playing without using an amplifier. And the guitarist can turn up sound so that it is loud, which a lot of guitarists like!

So, with this device a guitarist can now "increase the volume" - keyword #1. But, many guitar players don't know what an amp plug is, so, "What is an amp plug" - keyword #2. Keyword #2 actually makes a bit more sense for the article, in my opinion.

My website isn't generating much traffic, even after 5 months.

The question I need your help with is, which keyword result would produce better results from Google?


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I'm with Sir Paul. Although the traffic for #1 is inticing the competition is too high; a QSR

Thanks for the response, Veronica! This discussion has been very helpful to me and I hope others as well.


Excellent analysis! Thanks!

It's good to hear that you affirm this discussion as well, Dr. Ogden!

I agree with Craig . The second one is the best choice.

Thanks for your response, Jerome! It helps me to know what others think.

I will take the second one as I am a guitar man myself!
This headline is WEAK and only scores 50 on the headline analyser tool and weak - see below number one

what you have to do is find a better title and for example I used
How to use the amazing AMP plug and the result was 73 and strong - see number two below

You can put them in the WA keyword tool and you can see the results - 34225, 5819, 9.6, 8.5 and QSR 333 so I would use "How to use the" see below number 3

The title is the main thing that will attract and you need a Title that scores over 70 every time!

I have added you to my website under the Recommended section so this will help with traffic -

Are you sharing blogs to Facebook groups and Linkedin groups as these are the way to get traffic - I posted a blog on Lonkedin three days ago and have got 1025 views already - see below

I hope this can help you - let me know OK

This is very helpful, Paul! I can see how valuable this tool is. I wasn't aware of Co-Schedule and the Headliner Analysis tool.

Is the Headliner Analysis tool free, or do you have to pay for Co-Schedule? Do you use other parts of Co-Schedule?

Thanks so much for your response! I've been quite despondent lately, concerning the lack of traffic to my website after being up and running for 5 months. Help like this raises my spirit and hope. Thanks, friend!

It is FREE as everything I use !!!

take a look at my site and you will see where you are and please leave a comment on my site as I have done on yours ok
You might consider adding my cables to your site as I make a great guitar lead and a power head lead

let me know as happy to help

I definitely will add you to my site! I looked at your site and see how your expertise can complement my niche. All of your audio, amplification, cabling, power head, etc. and guitar experience makes you my number 1 support guru in these areas! I'm not very technically experienced in this side of my guitar niche.

Let me dig into your site a bit more and I'll be back in touch with you. Thanks, again for this particular support and all of the support you have given me along the way, Paul!

Paul, I do have one more question. When I put in the keywords "How to use the amazing amp plug" in WA's Keyword Tool program, the results for Traffic and Searches are both

Second one is a better fit for your niche.

First has too much competition to rank right out of the gate. You would need to have supporting content on other pages linking to your main article.

Thanks for your response, Craig! I didn't know how strong traffic vs. high competition should be weighed in terms of ranking. This is helpful. Is this what Kyle means by going after low-hanging fruit?

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