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I needed to find a comment that I had made several weeks ago. I had put a lot of thought into the comment and needed that information for personal use but had not written it down. But, I didn't know where I could find a list of my prior comments.I have been with WA since October 2016. Why didn't I know where to find this back logged information? Heck if I know. I guess because this was the first time I have needed to revisit an old comments post. So I went to Live Chat and received an answer fr
I'm not receiving hits on my website according to Google Analytics. I'm receiving a message from Analytics that my site is not tagged correctly. Analytics also tells me that Google Tag Assistant Recordings can help me tag my site correctly.Do I need Google Tag Assistant Recording? What other things may be keeping my site from receiving hits?Thanks, for any ideas you have!
An idea to promote your website! I used
Which of the following keyword results for an article would be best to use and why?This first result has a lot of searches and traffic, but also a good bit of competition.Keywords #1: Increase the VolumeSearches - 8867Traffic - 1508 Competition - 288 Article Power - 8.8 PPC Power - 7.3 Keywords #2: What is an Amp Plug?This result has less searches and traffic, but hardly any competition. Searches - 125Traffic - 22Competition - 1Article Power - 8PPC Power - 7.05This article is about practicing t
February 21, 2017
I want more website comments!I realize we should use the Site Comments area to receive comments for our websites. In order to receive one comment, we have to give two comments. I understand why this is important. We want to encourage a give and take support system on WA.But sometimes I give two comments, to receive one, and the one I get is generic and does not speak to the topic of the page or post. So, I have to give two more comments to get one. This means that sometimes I have to give 4 co
One of my Home Page Menus on my guitar website is named BEGINNERS. When you hover over it, a list of second-level menus appear. One of them is named ARTICLES FOR BEGINNERS. When you hover over this second-level menu, a list of third-level menus appear.My second-level ARTICLES FOR BEGINNERS is blank. The page has no text. 1. If I make the relationship link for this page a nofollow page, and check the box "open in a new tab," will this affect Google's ability to find my third-level menus and adve
When we put images in posts and pages and edit the image's information, should be put a check in the "Open link in a new tab" box? Why or why not? What is the advantage or disadvantage of checking the box?
I have a home Menu with 6 menu items. I have sub-pages under these 6 menus. And then I have sub-sub-pages under the sub-pages.Many of my sub-pages are blank, having no content. But the sub-sub-pages under the sub-pages have content. 1. Should I have narrative content in the sub-pages, or should I leave them blank since they point to sub-sub pages that contain content? 2. Or, should I check the "no follow" box for the sub-pages? Would checking "no follow" on the sub-pages confuse Google in rec
I'm in the guitar niche. I purchase most of my guitar gear at a local guitar shop. I told the owner what I was doing as an Affiliate Marketer and suggested that we work out a business relationship. I would advertise his site on my guitar website and he would give me a cut if someone bought equipment from him from the advertisement on my website. He does not participate in an affiliate marketing program, but was interested in working with me.I thought I could advertise some of his products at un
I'm thinking about turning my front page website posts into pages, and then putting them throughout my website, where appropriate, so that I will have a higher percentage of site content. Is there any reason why I shouldn't do this? The reason I'm asking this is because I've just applied for an affiliate relationship and one of the requirements for approval is, "The site must have a significant amount of content that is unique to your site." I've been turned down by two affiliates and I think