We Must Never Forget!

Last Update: Nov 11, 2016


On this day we remember the many sacrifices made by many brave,and dedicated men and women who have served to keep us safe and free. Many have made big sacrifices that have changed their lives forever. We must not forget and continue to support them as they often have difficulty reintegrating back into society.

Veterans have much to offer from their experience. They also have the skill and ability to accomplish tough tasks. Those that need help reintegrating have much to offer and should be given every opportunity and we must be grateful and supportive.

I would like to give a special thanks to the families of Veterans that have also sacrificed.
The wife, or in some cases the husband who has to go it alone because the other is serving. Also, the kids that have to go without their dad or mom.

We in the United States have just gone through a raucous election that will change the course of our nation. The people have spoken and now there will be a peaceful transfer of power. This could not have happened without the many sacrifices of our veterans.

Also the Cubs winning the World Series. What a classic with the two best teams, both long overdue for World Series participation. Without the many sacrifices of our Veterans we would have not been able to witness such a classic event.

May our Vets be blessed,

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Thank you Marty for doing this. I agree completely.

Thanks for the remembrance:)

You are welcome, Louisa. Thank you for commenting.


Thanks, Marty and you too.

You are welcome Mike, and thanks for commenting.

Thanks, Marty and you too.

Thank you Marty!

Hi Michael,
thank you for your comment:-)

Great post Marty!

Hi Paul, thank you. I haven't been too active lately and I do appreciate your kind remark!

Thank you and good to see you my friend

My Thanks to all that serve.

Hi Kevin, Thanks for stopping by and commenting:-)

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