The Importance of Alt-Text for your Images and Infographics

Last Update: Dec 20, 2016


Working on SEO

I thought that I had my alt-text good for my pics and infographics. In a recent SEO check, to my surprise, it was recommended that I add Alt-Text to some of my pics and infographics.

I went through both of my websites and found some that were missing Alt-Text and added it.

I realize that it is easier to do things right the first time but appreciate the forgiveness of a system that lets you make corrections.

New Affiliates

I have been accepted by "ShareASale" and have "Grammarly" and SameDayMusic" through them. They have many companies. There is a learning curve but they will partner with me for success.

I have been accepted by "Apple Itunes" and I am excited about the possibilities as it includes the App Store, movies, and all the great music artists with Itunes. This goes well with my guitar learning site.

The possibilities are limitless and now depend on improving SEO and gaining traffic.

Merry Christmas,

Recent Comments


Continuous improvement is key to success. Well done on the expansion of your opportunities. Merry Christmas.

Thank you Tyrelich, your comment is appreciated.

Aww.. And - MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and yours as well!

Hi MsMoneHoney,
tis the season to be Jolly. We have family and grand kids coming in and it will be Merry.
Thanks for stopping by:-)

May you be successful kin your great plans Marty!

Thanks Mike your comment is much appreciated:-)

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