Emma's Eyes Update

Last Update: Jan 30, 2017


I want to thank those of you that prayed and supported Emma. The latest report is that the cancer has not spread to her optic nerve and her brain.
Rob and Sarah have gotten insurance settled and have the first treatment scheduled for Wednesday, Feb 1. For more information and updates here is a link to their "GoFundMe" page: https://www.gofundme.com/for-emmas-eyes

All prayers and support are appreciated as this is a very expensive treatment and requires Rob to miss work, although he is salaried and works for the WMCA. They have been very good about working with Rob.

Thanks much,


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I have prayed for you. God loves Emma more than we do, and He knows what to do.

Thank you, for your prayers. Emma is in the Lord's plan and He is working His purpose. I am praying for your calling for missions.

Great News! We will continue to pray for her.

Thank you, WAwannab, prayer puts Emma in the Lord's hands.

I'm overjoyed at that news Marty!

Hi Mike, it is good news and believe there will be more good reports. Thanks for stopping by.

That is such good news Marty, blessings to Rob, Sarah and Emma , keep us up to date you will be feeling a little reilef.

Hi Alexander,
thanks for stopping by. Things are going in the right direction but Little Emma has a lot to go through. With all the prayer I hope for more good reports. It is a relief to know it is in the Lord's hands.

It is a comfort at times like this Marty .

I am so glad to hear this, good wishes to you all, Sue :)

Thank you Sue.

Continued prayers for Emma and for Rob. ~ t

Thank you so much:-)

Very good to read it's not spread out, I missed your first blog about it, hope all will turn out well

We are thankful for good reports and believe that it will work out well. Thank you for checking this out.

Thanks for the update.

Hi Jim, thank you for your prayers and concern.

Donated and Share in the UK

Thank you Gillian, your support is much appreciated. It is an amazing thing to think that this is world wide.

Prayers not stopping...glad it did not get to optic nerve....thank you for this update.

Thank you for your prayers, Rosie. They are the most important way we can change our circumstance and the reason for good reports.

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