Both My Sites are Indexed!

Last Update: November 20, 2015

I thought it would take probably an entire month for my websites to be indexed. One was indexed with only my About page published. I have since added more posts and the site health has been improved.

The other took a little longer to be indexed, but finally did some days after my first blog post. I'll take that!!

I've been taking my time making sure I do each one right, expecting there to be visitors very soon after the first publish. I see that there has been some... not much. But I'm just getting started. I'm really excited to see how this all works out.

My only problem is writing my posts as often as I would like. I am finding that I'm not writing as quickly as I can due to judging my own work. I have set my expectations high. But I have to remember, that I have an infinite number of shots at this... as many as there are blog posts that I write. Ironically, my next blog post is about fear. It is my belief (I'm making this up as I go along) judgement is a form of fear. If I judge myself, or my writing harshly, then it will slow me down from posting and being judged.

Better yet, if I judge myself, or my writing harshly, then it will soften any negative feedback that I may imagine in others' minds... I've already thought of it all... they can't think of anything I haven't.

Well, at least Google Loves it. If Google Loves it, I will Love it twice as much. Time to step aside and let that creative part of me that steps in every once in a while take over.

Happy Writing!!

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paulgoodwin Premium
love to hear things like that as I still feel I am fumbling in the coal shed!!!
ibmountain Premium
congratulations! that is awesome.
marshajenkin Premium
Indeed it is. Thank you!
shannon888 Premium
Great work - keep up the positive thoughts. You are what you think you are!
marshajenkin Premium
You are absolutely right. I am in the process of rewiring my brain to think more and more positively every day. :) Thank you!
Missa3 Premium
Feel the excitement! Your Gonna do great, and don't be too awful hard on yourself.

marshajenkin Premium
Thank you!! You are so right. We are our own worst critics. :)