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So... I joined WA a while back and started two great niche sites. Life got in the way and I let them both go. My husband and I started a contracting company (we renovate homes), which gave birth to a second company acquiring and managing properties.This time of year is usually pretty slow for us. In the past we've only done a few small jobs, for no more than $1,500 bucks. When we finally decided to build our websites to support our companies, I thought I would come back to WA and kill 3 bir
November 20, 2015
I thought it would take probably an entire month for my websites to be indexed. One was indexed with only my About page published. I have since added more posts and the site health has been improved.The other took a little longer to be indexed, but finally did some days after my first blog post. I'll take that!!I've been taking my time making sure I do each one right, expecting there to be visitors very soon after the first publish. I see that there has been some... not much. But I'm just