WA Changed Now I Have To Learn Where Everything Is Again!

Last Update: November 02, 2020

Hey there!

Long time no see eh?! I was just coming back to write about a totally different subject when lo & behold WA made me sign in!

Well ok, first I noticed the icon changed because I still work on my websites and such. But I was hoping and praying they didn't make me remember my password, lol, then I would be in for it, haha!

I can't be the only one who depends on Google to remember my password though right?? I mean I'm not that old but I figure its just as good to free up the brain space. My daughter is 5 and I need all the brain power I can get cuz she's in this 'I'll Do What I Want & NOT LISTEN To Mommy And Daddy'...while still being a pretty good child, I'm blessed...but boy...sometimes I need the holy spirit, holy ghost and any other holy thing you can think of to deal with this brilliantly smart, witty child of mine.

Anyways, what do you think about the new setup? From the top of my head I miss the colors but I do like the clean presentation. Just need to figure out a few things because I kept pressing on the pencil to write this post but the pencil is the Content Creation section.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Are you like me and don't like change? Or do you love change?!

Look forward to hearing form yah,


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mbouteiller Premium
Hey Marlinda,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

I absolutely love the new updates. Looks fresh, clean, easy to find my way around...

I luv change because they challenge my brain. From this day forward, new members that join will not even experience what it was like yesterday...so they're learning new too.

All the best and enjoy learning ... I know you'll luv the updates.

Take care and stay well.
Bimby Premium
Thanks for sharing.
FKelso Premium
It needs some time to get the bugs smoothed out. I could not get on here, so came in through your message. Thanks for writing...lol...Now will see if I can get in to the main body of things as I have a lot of work to do.
jghwebbrand Premium
It takes time to get used to. But once we get used to it we will wonder how we managed with the old because things are set up for mobile now.

I definitely like the menu at the top.. It makes things so much easier.

Making more discoveries as the day goes on.
PBA Premium Plus
First impressions- looks amazing 👌