Ho Do I Pick My Niche?

Last Update: May 21, 2020

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How Do I Pick My Niche?

This is probably amongst the most asked of questions by everybody who joins us here at Wealthy Affiliate and for those who start out in online marketing in general......how do I pick my niche?

For some it's straight forward.....

I love (insert any topic here) and I just want to write about it forever!

For others it can be an agonising issue that either puts them on the wrong path from the start and having to change directions later or leads to them quitting shortly after starting, declaring "I can't do this!"

Both circumstances are a sad waste of time and opportunity.

There are probably thousands of blogs dedicated to asking this very same question yet still too many people are at a loss at the start of their online adventure which brings me to a few thoughts.

I was reading a couple of blogs here over the last few days and I wanted to bring them both together and add a few words of my own.

The first is from long standing member VitaliyG who talks about the annual deal (which is now finished) and a little about his story plus a couple of highly relevant tips about niche finding. Within Vitaliy's blog there are links to a couple of his other blogs on the same subject which are well worth reading.


The second blog is from current Ambassador HeidiY who asked the very pertinent question "What Is Your Business Really About?".

Heidi received plenty of comments but a lot of people were really missing the point. They mentioned what niche they were in but not about what their end goal was for their audience. In other words what their business was really about.


If your business is in the beauty sector, it's not about selling face cream. It's about making women look beautiful.

If you're in the slimming sector, it's not about selling low calorie shakes. It's about helping people lose weight.

It's all about the resulting benefit or outcome. People don't buy products, they buy what that product can do for them.

You see, parents don't love baby soothers but they do love the relief they give their babies and the silence they bring.

Promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

But what of you're still undecided about your own niche and want to go along with promoting Wealthy Affiliate to others? That's fine but what part of WA will you be highlighting?

If it's the ability to make money from it that's ok but you are then in a really big pond and sadly you are only a tiny fish with not much chance to make headway!

Which brings me to my final thoughts on the matter....

You don't know what niche to go into so you'll try promoting Wealthy Affiliate but if you do that you'll be a tiny fish in a big pond, so what to do?

Ideal Customer Avatar.

There is a thing called the Ideal Customer Avatar. It's too detailed to go into all of it here but it's essentially all about looking at defining your perfect customer and appealing to them alone.

It takes you away from being the tiny fish trying to compete with the sharks for all the best food and gets you to specify and highlight an exact audience for your offer.

There will be tens if not hundreds of thousands of people online trying to market Make Money Online products to all and sundry but if you create your own ideal customer avatar then you'll be able to "speak" directly to those people instead of using the scattergun approach and finding nobody.

But what if you can't think of an ideal customer avatar I hear you say?

Simple......use yourself as one.

Why You Joined Wealthy Affiliate!

I'm going to assume you joined Wealthy Affiliate because you wanted to make money online for some reason. So, use that reason. Use your own circumstances and your own situation as a template for your ideal customer avatar because guess what, you'll then be able to speak to like minded people that are in similar circumstances.

You can be other people's hero or inspiration if you help them in the same way that you're helping yourself. You see, it's not about selling Wealthy Affiliate memberships and getting $22 a month commissions, it's about helping your customers who are in the same situation as you.

WA membership sales are the map but they're not the destination. The destination is what your customer is looking for, you provide them the map and they'll follow you to your destinations.

The famous quote by Zig Ziglar stands well here....

"You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want".

Who are you?

If you're a mother of twins looking to make some extra money then make yourself your ideal avatar, there are millions of mums (moms) out there just like you looking for what you're heading for.

Likewise, if you're an hourly paid factory worker who hates your job, guess what, yes there are millions of others out there like you too. It doesn't matter who or what you are, there are literally millions of others like you out there in internetland which means that you'll never run out of prospects.

Take A Look At Yourself.

Take a look at yourself, write down your circumstances, your age, gender, location, your background, your job, your education, your hobbies, the things you like, your family situation etc and the reasons why you are doing this and make yourself (that person) your target customer.

When you create an avatar that has those elements built into it you'll be able to relate directly to your audience, first hand and with experience. You'll be able to talk to them about their circumstances because they are exactly like your's.

You'll be able to create content regularly because you'll be talking about things that are relevant and interesting to you and your audience. You'll be authentic and real and your customers will be able to relate directly to you and who and what you are.

Ok Mark But Where Do I Find Them?

Think about where you are right now. No, I don't mean in the house or your workplace I mean where you're reading this. It's online, you're online right now, that's where you are.

Where will your customers find your offer? Yup, online. Where do they have to be to partake in what WA has to offer, yeah, online!

So the incontrovertible fact is that your customers are themselves online and that's where you have to look for them. The other incontrovertible fact is that they will be on social media in one form or another and the good news is that social media platforms, especially Facebook, have tools to help you find out where your ideal customer hangs out.

Facebook Groups.

One of the very best ways of reaching your audience is to search for and join Facebook Groups. This is where people like you and with the same interests as you exchange views and engage with each other about their interests.

It simply does not matter what type of interests you have, there'll be a facebook group for it. Why? Because whether you or I like it or not, Facebook is ubiquitous. It has billions of registered members of all types all over the world and there's virtually no chance that, whatever your interest, there's nobody else like you!

You do need a Facebook account to get involved but after that it's free to join a group and participate.

Here's a decent post about doing just that and why you should. It's a few years old now but still completely relevant......


So there you have it. If you don't know what to have as a niche and you chose Make Money Online with Wealthy Affiliate, here's how to define your ideal customer and where to find them!

Happy hunting


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Great advice, Mark, so true. I think defining the avatar is very important (and I'm guilty not doing so yet).
Thank you for this post.

Thank you Lenka and you're very welcome.
Make it your Mission Impossible......
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create your own customer avatar over the weekend!
Hopefully Wealthy Affiliate will not self distruct by Monday🤣🤣🤣


Great article Mark, thanks for sharing all these good tips.

You're welcome Alejandra and thanks for stopping by.

Very Good Mark.

Cheers Ed, hope it gives you food for thought

Excellent advice Mark.
The Avatar is the key.

Thanks Lisa,
Yes the avatar can be very useful in deciding your ideal customer.

Great post Mark. Some new ideas and ways of thinking about things.


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