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August 19, 2017
A returning friend of ours here at WA, @Suetay, blogged recently that she has rekindled her enthusiasm and decided to embark on a 90 day challenge to recommit herself to Wealthy Affiliate after being here for 2 years but having wondered off and being involved in life in general.Well, she has asked me to join her in her challenge and I've accepted so, expect to hear more from me than in recent times as I too recommit myself to wonderful world of Wealthy Affiliate.Anybody else who may have "lapse
Seems like I have one of these now for sticking around WA for two years, TWO YEARS, wow...............just goes to show how time speeds by and the urgent need that we should all grasp the opportunity here with both hands and just go for it.Here's to many more!!Mark
November 26, 2016
I read a piece recently that says that by the year 2026 there will be mass job losses in the UK due to "Automation and Robotics". The figure mentioned was in the region of nine million jobs lost to this phenomenon. You can bet your life that if this figure were to be anywhere near accurate then it means the number replicated throughout the world could be absolutely immense.You only have to look at documentaries about companies like Amazon, who seem to have very few workers in relation to the am
October 18, 2016
For those UK based members who were or are not sure about how we deal with VAT (Value Added Tax) on our payments and commissions let me give you the good news.I've just been in a chat with an HMRC chat agent and I'm told that, for those of us who are VAT registered, we are treated as Intermediaries and, where we can establish that we act on a Business to Business basis ie we introduce new members to Wealthy Affiliate therefore we are businesses introducing customers to a business (us to WA) AND
September 28, 2016
Hey friends,We all know about the smartphone revolution and I'm sure you are familiar with it by now. I've got one and I expect you probably have one too so let's have a look at some stats...70% of people in the UK currently have a smartphone, a figure probably reflected around the developed world.The smartphone revolution has grown 10 times quicker than the internet did.61% of visitors will abandon a website that isn't mobile within 3 seconds.Now, let's think about Google for a moment. A huge
Here is a man who gave us many brilliant inventions, including the incandescent electric light bulb about which he said (paraphrased) that he didn't fail each time it failed but that he ruled out ten thousand ways that it didn't work.Given Edison's eminence it might be of some value to listen to some of the things he said during his productive about this:-"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up."Or maybe this one:
April 12, 2016
No blogs for weeks and now suddenly two in quick succession!This one is a little bit of a resource for you from Kim Roach at buzzblogger.Kim's been around the block and here she gives us some tips on some "unusual" traffic strategies!Heck, we all need more traffic and if what you're doing now is seemingly a little stale or you'd like to supplement your traffic driving activities, why not check out what Kim has to never know! link is current
April 12, 2016
Hey good people, some of you may have noticed that I've been a little quiet lately to say the be honest I got into some lazy habits for which I have severely berated myself.Needless to say, this has had a negative effect on my rankings here. Not that that's the be all end end all, far from it, but the trend can tend to creep into your online activities as a whole. Do you recognise this in yourself? If you do, you need to snap out of it quicksmart because that way lies failure, t
March 17, 2016
I know that plenty of people like the idea of being contactable through their sites and blogs but aren't sure about the best way to go about it.Lots ask about simple contact forms, some ask about autoresponders, some both, but here's Syed's answer for those of us who are hard of learning!! runs WP For Beginners which I know a few of us here follow for his top tips for everything Wordpress.....anything he doesn't know isn't worth knowing
February 09, 2016
I asked a question today because I was having difficulty in entering a licence key and then activating a plugin in my wordpress back office.No matter how many times I tried to enter the licence key, I got a message on the plugin dashboard within wordpress saying that communication had been lost temporarily and to try again when it had been restored.........frustration, cul de sac, disappearing down a black hole, call it whatever you like but I wasn't getting anywhere.So, I decided to ask the go