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May 21, 2020
How Do I Pick My Niche?This is probably amongst the most asked of questions by everybody who joins us here at Wealthy Affiliate and for those who start out in online marketing in do I pick my niche?For some it's straight forward.....I love (insert any topic here) and I just want to write about it forever!For others it can be an agonising issue that either puts them on the wrong path from the start and having to change directions later or leads to them quitting shortly after sta
Says something about becoming an Ambassador here at Wealthy Affiliate!Some of you may have noticed in my comments today that there's a new badge next to my username so I thought it only right to post about it here seeing as becoming a Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador is quite a rarity. At any one time there are only 25 out of thousands of members and that includes ever presents like Kyle, Carson and Jay so I'm happy to have made it to this level once again.I enjoy being active within the community
May 04, 2020
Firstly, what does the Collins Dictionary define impoverished as?1. Made poor or with diminished quality of life."One of the most impoverished suburbs of the cityan attempt to lure businesses into impoverished."2. Areas (of soil) deprived of fertility"The sparse vegetation clearly has a tough time extracting the most meagre rations from its impoverished soil."To me, almost everything in life is relative and comparative to something else.To a billionaire, a millionaire is relatively poor compar
During these mad times, many people's physical comfort zone is their own personal surroundings. But what about our own psychological comfort zones?Most of my time I've avoided stepping outside of my comfort zone and I guess the upshot has been a life of "ordinaryness" that even a word??When you get into your 60's like me, all of a sudden you can start to wonder where did it all disappear to? All that time that's past, all that money you've earned, all that money you've spent come to think
Facbook Engagement - Or The Lack Of It!I've had a facebook personal profile "page" for a few years but never really got the hang of it. I wasn't too bothered because I only wanted to share stuff that was important to me with those who felt it might be interesting to them too.I knew the difference between a personal profile page (wall), a feed, a business/fan page and a group but didn't know much about the nuances that separate them and the different ways in which they can be properly utilised.
April 09, 2020
Although I had never stopped being a Premium Member I hadn't been at all active for a while but for the last fortnight or so I've got back involved and I've apparently crept/jumped back into the top 200.Previously I might have seen that as an achievement but this time around it's just a reflection of the engagement I've had here whilst re-familiarising myself with the Wealthy Affiliate platform.You see, the last time I rose up the ranks a few years ago it was because of a determination to do ju
Google Search DominanceYou don't need to refer to charts, reports, statistics or anything else to come to the realisation that Google, in its various guises, dominates the search landscape.It's often said that between the regular search market which we all know and use and other platforms such as Google Maps, Google Images, Google My Business and YouTube that Google accounts for between 80 and 90% of search business.And, although Amazon's own internal search engine will likely grow in time, Goo
November 09, 2019
Hi everybody,Not sure whether this would be beneficial or detrimental but I've just started out on the whole video creation thing with a couple of vids and a You Tube channel and I wondered if the idea of those of us who have channels were to like and subscribe each others' would be a good thing.I'm open to doing that and or taking on board any potential reasons for it not being such a good idea and scrapping the plan altogether!Let me know what you think or, alternatively, please point me in t
November 08, 2019
Hey everybody,Firstly, it's been a long while since I last posted a blog in here....too long actually :-) but I'll be getting more involved from her on in.Secondly, to all those who have "followed" me over the last couple of years that have not had an acknowledgement from me or been followed back by me, apologies. I do appreciate all of you who have taken the trouble to follow me and have had nothing in return....that'll change from now on!Thirdly, and what has inspired me to write his. Well, I
August 19, 2017
A returning friend of ours here at WA, @Suetay, blogged recently that she has rekindled her enthusiasm and decided to embark on a 90 day challenge to recommit herself to Wealthy Affiliate after being here for 2 years but having wondered off and being involved in life in general.Well, she has asked me to join her in her challenge and I've accepted so, expect to hear more from me than in recent times as I too recommit myself to wonderful world of Wealthy Affiliate.Anybody else who may have "lapse