Setting up a WooComerce dropshipping website - a case study

Last Update: May 02, 2019

Today I have completed my research and have launched a brand new WooCommerce dropshipping website and have decided to share my progress and updates with the WA community.

Before I begin:

- I am hosting my website here at WA

- I have purchased a dot com domain name

- I am only using the free plugin's that are available as part of your WA membership

- The SEO plugin I will be using is the free version of All in one SEO

- I will be generating all of my traffic through organic traffic with no paid ad's

The rules are simple, I will be using nothing other than my membership and training from Wealthy Affiliate to build a profitable business that requires no upfront costs (apart from a domain name and the membership of WA)


I only have 2 goals. To turn a profit of over £1000 per month and with in 12 months (May 2020). You could say I should dream bigger?

I don't care.

£1000 is the goal I have set for this website which is still a life changing amount of additional income for most people and I am going to prove that everything you need to do it is found right here at WA.

Besides, what would you do with an extra £1000 in your pocket every month? If you are the very succesful content marketer then that is probably only going to buy a weeks shopping or a few bottles of your favourate scotch (other beverages are available) but for most people on WA or in content marketing elsewhere haven't reached this goal yet and would be able to do a lot with it.

About the goal

The reasons I have chosen these 2 specific goals is because this is also a reminder that wealth doesn't come over night. It takes time and work to build a lasting business online and if you think otherwise then you will probably be disapointed.

The reason that I have chosen £1000 a month and not £20000+ or any other figure is pretty simple. I can do a lot with £1000 a month. I won'[t stop at that goal but right now that is where my aim is.

It is perfectly fine to aim for more and if that is what you wan't then I encourage you to aim as big as your apperite. But many people aim big and give up before they give themselves a chance, 90% of people with in the first year to be more accurate.

Progress update

As I have mentioned, this is a case study so I will be sharing with you my progress and as my website is more important then sharing a blog on WA (no offence intended as I love you all), I have already put tremendous effort in to it before writing this post as I consider this as my free time as part of my schedule.

What I have completed so far:

- 3 months of product research to find a niche with good mark ups and low competition

- Keyword research on around 50 topics that I will be writing about

- Google analytics and search console set up

- Theme chosen and domain name purchased

- Store front designed and published

- About page completed

- Contact details in the footer and contact accounts with domain emails set up.

- Product catagories, tags and hierarchy completed

- Initial products set up with descriptions, images and prices

Infact the shop is working and if anybody on earth knew it existed, they would already be able to buy from it. That is the part that makes the difference and without any ad campaigns, it will have to be done solely with organic traffic.

Next steps:

- Post, post, post!!! So far I have a shop front that is fully set up, no need to change anything until I get some customers. My only focus for now will be filling up my blog page with content.

Thats it, i have one job to do so it's not going to get confusing or distracting. It will get more fun later but as you all know, getting content up early is important as nobody wants to visit a website with no content.

Its a game of numbers

You have probably heard that this is a numbers game. That is because no matter how good you are, you will only get some of your posts on Googles shiny first page. If 50% of your posts are reaching the top page then you are doing incredibly well, but you also need to post 2 pages for eaach post that is realisticly going to give you traffic.

Likewise if only one in ten of your posts are able to score the top page then you will need 10 posts for every one that will give you traffic. And lets face it, when a website is new, even 10% is not going to be realistic to achive.

The point of all of this? its a numbers game! The more high quality posts that you write, the more page one results you are going to display for. It is that simple.

Jay did some excellent training recently which included a SEO checklist. I have my screenshot copy printed and laminated so that I can ensure best practices right from the very beginning. I have also finished my WA training and will be using the skills that I have learned (which are pretty much all covered in Jay's video).

If you would like to play along then I would love you to drop by and comment with your progress and challanges.

If you are here as a spectator or just have any questions then I would welcome the love in the comments.

Best of luck to your succesful futures and see you next week with my next update.


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cris1018 Premium
Hey Mark,

Great reporting of your progress with this new site/venture/additional income stream. I am following to watch your success along the way!

Mark-AI Premium
Thank you Cris.

I appreciate the support and will make sure I have plenty of interesting updates to keep everyone entertained!
Harryallen1 Premium
Well done you are determined to get your site well established on the net and hope you get there soon
Mark-AI Premium
Thanks Harry,

I don't just want to get my shop established, I want to share the journey and steps that I have taken so they may be used to help other people realize their dreams too.
MichelleMor1 Premium
Best of luck, will look forward to seeing how you go as now my blog site is going steady I was thinking about e-commerce next.
Mark-AI Premium
That's great Michelle, very big milestone getting to that point.

Have you watched all of Jay's training videos on e-commerce? Well worth a watch if you are planning to do this.

If you do let me know how you get on and thanks for joining in my adventure!

MichelleMor1 Premium
Just marking them down on my to do list. Rewarding myself with a day out today.
Mark-AI Premium
That sounds great. Hope you have had a really great day.

It is important to not forget about yourself when working hard. Batteries need to be recharged and so do we!
tbowyer Premium
Hi Mark.

Spectator. Just found out from another member that about 50 posts and at least 6 months to get taken seriously by Google.
Compare that to my three posts and two months...

At least now I have an inkling of what I need to do, and get cracking on with it.

I will be watching your progress with keen interest. 👍

Mark-AI Premium
Hi Tayo,

Google will take you more serious at 6 months and 50 posts but only if your posts are quality and add value. It can be achieved sooner if you can put the work in.

Thanks for keeping tuned with my project and hopefully there will be much I can share.

Best of luck with your venture.
JoePlale Premium
Well thought out plan.

I will be watching (and learning)

"Git-R-Done" M'Friend

Mark-AI Premium
Thanks Joe, really appreciate it.