Amazon Strikes Again

Last Update: October 09, 2020

As more people are buying more stuff online, Amazon reduced affiliate commissions. They don't need us so they've practically cut us out.

And now they've tightened their disclosure rules.

Please check out my updated training:

Affiliate Disclosures, FTC Guidelines, and Amazon Rules

If you are still promoting stuff for Amazon then you'll need to comply with all their current requirements.

Is it time to find other sources for the products you promote? Among others, I hear that ebay is offering a better deal.

Stay safe,

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roamy Premium
Personally, I`m just so sick of Amazon.
Honestly what still keeps me on Amazon are products I can`t easily find in other affiliate networks.
If only other networks will make finding the right products as easy as Amazon does.
There are times I`m writing an article but then can`t find the right product on the other platforms, I go to Amazon and in seconds, I have it.
Like last night I was writing a post, I could not find the creams I was looking for, I go to Amazon and it`s as quick as flipping lights on, I have the exact products I`m looking to promote.
For this reason, Amazon, I feel can squeeze affiliates as much as they want, there are times that you must promote Amazon products even temporarily.
MarionBlack Premium
Sad but true, Roamy.
FOta Premium
As much as I dont like Amazon's affiliate fees they convert better.
My visitors rarely buy from my ShareASales and links.
It could be the way I write or my niche, I don't know.
I am still trying to figure how to convert with ShareASale and
Until that happens, I am stuck :(
Thanks for the reminder Marion.
vinhlam Premium
Thanks for the update. It is definitely and totally a waste of time to be an amazon associate now. The commission sucks. Their requirements sucks. It has always been better for me to promote "Affiliate Programs with Residual Income". Higher commissions, better retention, and it's the best passive income for the long run :)
topherman Premium
I personally still like Amazon. They did lower their commissions a few months back. But I only noticed in Sep 2020 that the rates were back to normal. They also gave me new slightly higher rates specific only to my account effective Oct 1, which I'm not supposed to disclose based on the operating agreement. It's like a hierarchy of rates where the more I sell, the higher are the commissions bracket. I think a combination of Amazon and other affiliate programs is still fine. Because there are just some products in my niche that are cheaper on Amazon so I can't send my visitors to CJ or other sites that have higher prices just so I can get more commissions.