How to Achieve More with Less Effort

Last Update: July 28, 2016

Have you heard of the 80-20 Principle?

Richard Koch in his Book “The 80-20 Principle – The Secret of Achieving More with Less” is adamant that everyone, and every organisation and social group should use it in daily life.


It can help us all achieve much more with much less effort.

Somethings are more important than others. The principle is that 80% of results come from 20% of causes.

Some examples:

20% of the population enjoy 80% of the wealth

20% of products account for 80% of sales

20% of motorists account for 80% of accidents

20% of criminals account for 80% of stolen property

20% of a carpet accounts for 80% of its wear and tear.

20% of a person’s clothes are worn 80% of the time.

The world is definitely not fair!

Have you noticed in your business that much of what you do produces trivial results? Very little of what we do matters. We all waste a lot of time.

So this means a little of what we do really matters.

The key is to focus on what really matters.

We tend to believe that all causes will have approximately the same significance. We assume that all opportunities are of equal value so we treat them more or less equally.

The 80-20 Principle disagrees. When sets of data are examined the most likely result is that there will be significant imbalances between them. The ratio differs. It is not always 80-20. But the principle is there. The imbalance is likely to be different than what we expected.

We need to analyse what we do and its value in developing our business.

There is a lot of waste everywhere particularly waste of time.

To have a successful business we have to identify the areas of low productivity.

It is a good idea to identify areas in our life that aren’t contributing to our happiness as well.

Identify what works well and nurture it. Identify what isn’t working and abandon it if it can’t be changed.

Use 80-20 thinking to brighten your life and increase your success.


Ask what is the 20% that is leading to the 80%?

Identify issues that are important to you.

Do not assume anything is good or bad before checking it out.

Spot the important things that are working.

Spot what is not working. Change it.

In all areas of your life, target a limited number of valuable goals instead of pursuing every available opportunity.

I recommend that you find out more about the 80-20 Principle. It is a tool to help you design the life you want.

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Ivine Premium
Hi Marilyn, the 80/20 rule is very important. Irv.
Marilynm1 Premium
Makes sense doesn't it Irv.
JudeP Premium
Great share, thank you :)
Marilynm1 Premium
Pleasure Jude.
BrooklynPhil Premium
The way I learned this rule was that in Sales, 20% of the people made 80% of the commissions and the other 80% divided up the other 20% of the commissions.

Your first goal was to get into the Top 20% as quickly as possible. Your second goal was to get into the top 20% of the top 20% or the Top 4%.

The bottom 80% are always struggling, the Top 20% have things a lot easier. The Top 4% never have to worry.
Marilynm1 Premium
It is freeing once you apply it isn't it.
Loubelle Premium
Thanks I have to reread this book
Marilynm1 Premium
It is a great read. Thank you for your comment.
verazhelvis Premium
Yes, this principle really works...Thanks for posting .:)
Marilynm1 Premium
It really does. Best wishes Vera.