How Smart Are You?

Last Update: June 20, 2016

I am a constant visitor to our local library. The sections I always browse are:

  • Biography
  • Business
  • New Books
  • CD’s
  • Children’s Books

These days we are not restricted to two books and a magazine so I always come home with a number of books and Cd’s under my arm.

I don’t read every book from cover to cover. I don’t have time to do that but skimming through a book is not always a waste of time.

An article in a business book caught my eye. The heading asked the question, "How smart are you?"

Have you ever reflected on how smart you think you are the author asked?

He then pointed out the ways we can be smart. Do you recognize yourself in any of the examples?

Are you the type who is so smart you don’t have to listen to others? You know more than anyone.

Are you somewhat smart? You know you don’t know everything so you listen to others - sometimes.

Maybe you’re even smarter. You know there are things you know you don’t know.

The author then asked,” Have you ever considered what it takes to be really smart? Would you like to do what smart people really do?”

“Of course I would, for heaven’s sake” I responded silently.

Well here’s what smart people do.

  • They stay around people who know more than they do.
  • They listen more than they speak.
  • They listen to old ideas, new ideas, obvious ideas and even stupid ideas. They listen to any idea looking for that hidden gem.
  • They continue building their knowledge.

I have realised what gems the emails are I receive in my mailbox from Wealthy Affiliate.

In the past I have not taken keywords seriously but knew I needed to (behaviour was not very smart).

Staying around people who know more than me paid off this morning.

Robert had blogged about keywords and shared his extensive knowledge.

Thank you Robert.

Now I must remember to listen more than I speak and I may get a little smarter.

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mckm Premium
An interesting topic, Marilyn. Academics have dissected the meaning of intelligence ad nauseum but I'm still interested in seeing interpretations from outside academia.

I've wondered if smartness is the same as intelligence. In the instance of your list is appears to be.These qualities are partly innate and partly learned. The more times I read it, the more I see that it embodies the practices that we are being taught here at WA. I've also seen them advocated by respected writers elsewhere on the web.
Marilynm1 Premium
Margaret you are right. I think we see intelligence as an innate thing and that there are degrees of it. Thank you for your comment on my post.
I also noticed that WA embodies what smart people do.
Loes Premium
I think it's a women thing to talk more than to listen;) I asked my husband to read your blog, and we discussed it.

The discussion run out to an evaluation of our neighbors, family, and friends, and we came to the conclusion that most of them do not give a damn about what is happening in the world. They just keep on consuming and do not worry at all about the consequences for the environment and the warming up of the earth. And some of them even have an opinion about refugees that really frightens me.

Thanks for the good read Marilyn
Marilynm1 Premium
Loes thanks for your comment. I used to think we women talked more than listen but it's not true. I think it is a human failing. I agree that we who are OK are becoming heartless. We must give a damn for our grandchildren's sake.
Loes Premium
Thanks, yes we should stop procrastinating and start the fight for our children's sake
JulietAA Premium
Thanks Marilyn,
I'll be doing more of both listening and staying around those that know more!
Marilynm1 Premium
Juliet thank you for letting me know your response to my article. I felt it was good advice when I received it.
JudeP Premium
Thanks for sharing your insights :)
Marilynm1 Premium
A pleasure Jude.