Have you realised your goals?

Last Update: April 21, 2014

I have read very many interesting things on this program since my being here. It is amazing to see time fly by. The trainings are tough at times but i suppose it is because of my illiteracy in computer and computer language. Any way, that is a side issue I have to deal with.

The question I paused to ask today is has any one realistically realised their goals so far?

Honest speaking not wishful thoughts.

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Marcy Morgan Premium
ok. i just wanted to have a flavour of what it is like for those who have been here a while, or better still who have gone ahead and achieved more. marcy
Trialynn Premium
Which goals? The daily, weekly ones or the overall end ones. I have realized many goals in daily, weekly but not my ultimate goal.
Gordi Premium
My goals are a long way from being realized. Still working on it.
Wish I could say otherwise, :(
Marcy Morgan Premium
that illiteracy adds up keep trying your best. marcy
cfrazer1 Premium
I do realize my goals Marcy. However, getting them accomplished is going to be a real challenge because of my illiteracy in computer knowledge.