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OMG...I cannot believe that I'm sat here today writing a post to celebrate being a WA member for a DECADE! I even have a badge to prove it :-) To avoid any confusion, you might notice that my profile above states that I’ve been a member since May 2012: But I actually have 2 profiles here at WA. Here’s my original (and still active) one from when I joined back in November 2006: I set up this extra profile in 2012 to connect better with anyone who visited my Work From Home Watchdog w
One of the first things you get to do as a new member at Wealthy Affiliate is to set your financial goals. This is a great way to give you something to focus on and aim for as you set about building your online business.I often like to look through the goals section and get a feel for what desires new members have, and how much money it would take to make a huge difference in their lives.We are of course all different. Wealthy Affiliate reaches out across the globe and this creates a degree of
Pheeww! A couple of days ago I returned to the UK following my trip out to Las Vegas to meet up with Kyle, Carson and all the other successful WA affiliates, and even though this was my third WA conference, it was DEFINITELY the best I have ever attended! Here are a just a few reasons why... 1) WA is in its best shape EVER! As an affiliate it's important to know that the products or services you are promoting actually deliver the goods, and the WA community that we are all a part of is t